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Justifying the expense of owning a Yacht?

 Justify the expense of owning a yacht is difficult. One option you have is if you are struggling with the concept of owning a yacht, and all the costs might be to consider a Charter management program. With a Charter Management Program, you can enjoy sailing as much as you want while earning money to cover your cost and investment.

Invest in a Yacht let it earn its keep.

Marinas are full of boats and yachts that sit unused for months at a time, although the running cost of maintaining a yacht remains unchanged. Owners do not often consider that your yacht is exposed to a harsh marine environment even when it is not being used. Many owners believe that an unused yacht will be fine if they don’t use a yacht and that servicing once a year is all it needs. Sadly this is not what happens, and maintenance must continue even if you don’t use your yacht (it’s even worse on a powerboat). 

Discover the benefits of Charter Management

With our Charter Management program, you can earn up to 70% income from each Charter. This income will more than cover the cost of keeping any yacht. You can Pre-book twelve weeks each year for your own personal use on most charter management programs. Perhaps use one of the other yachts in the program based in another location? Why not use credits to sail anywhere globally and still earn income from your own yacht while you sail?

Register any yacht in our Charter Management program.

You don’t need to buy a new yacht to join our Yacht Management program. We will consider any yacht age provided it can comply with the local code of practice regulations and is in good working order.

Buy a new yacht

If you buy a new Yacht from us on a leaseback or owner charter management program, we will cover your costs. We can supply most makes and models of yachts, and they are supplied directly from the manufacturer. Each yacht management program is tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our partner company Network Yacht Brokers, comprising 25 marina-based professional brokers, will sell your boat fast when it comes to selling your yacht.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a no-obligation quotation for more information. 

Visit European Yacht Charters, our charter site. We will also advertise your boat with over 10,000 specialist charter brokers.

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