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At Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona, we are dedicated to facilitating the acquisition of your ideal boat, even if it is not on our inventory list. Our mission is to provide you with access to a wide network of options, whether they are available through private sales or from other companies.


Custom Search

Our team will embark on an exhaustive search through a wide network of vendors, both private and commercial, to find the boat that best suits your needs and preferences. We are committed to identifying options that align with your nautical dreams. Even if they are not in our main inventory, we will seek out options for sale from other companies or private sellers and negotiate with them on your behalf.

On-Site Inspection

For vessels located in the province of Barcelona, we offer an on-site inspection service. We immerse ourselves in the experience of personally viewing and evaluating the boat of your interest, making sure to verify every crucial detail. As an added value, we capture real photos and videos to provide you with a complete and detailed view of the boat.

asesoria integral en la compra se su barco
asesoria nautica en transacciones maritimas

Integral Research

Our dedication to transparency and legality is evident in our exhaustive research. We thoroughly check the documentation, maintenance history and ensure that the vessel complies with all applicable regulations. This service is extended to ships located outside Spain, guaranteeing the integrity and legality of each purchase.

Personalized Advice

Recognizing that each customer is unique, we offer personalized advice at every stage of the purchasing process. Our team of experts is ready to guide you from the initial selection to the completion of the transaction. Your satisfaction and trust are our top priority.


Have you already identified or visited a vessel that captured your interest?
In this phase, we provide specific advice to provide you with security in the purchase process and in the legality of the boat. We manage the purchase on your behalf, acting as an efficient intermediary, and maintain direct contact with the individual seller or the selling company to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

At Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona, we understand that acquiring your boat is a unique experience, and we are committed to making this process exciting and hassle-free.

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