Thank you for the kind Testimonials

Chiara and I would like to thank all our customers for the testimonials and heartwarming notes we received during our first four trading years. We opened Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona in February 2017. A four-year plan should have seen the beginnings of a return on the initial investment. We were well on track for our target when the Covid crisis hit in January 2020. The First lockdown in Spain came in March 2020. As I update this page one full year later, nothing has changed. Spain is still in Lockdown, and the crisis looks set to continue for a further year.

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Is the end in sight?

A vaccine is now available in the UK, and it is hoped that Europe will be able to start to vaccinate its citizens very soon. Disappointing that the EU didn’t place an order for the British Vaccine sooner than they did. Behaving like a spoiled bully when they did not receive the late charge is not, in our opinion the way to behave. We will not be writing any testimonials to the EU. Or Testimonials to Polittitions relating to Brexit look like inflicting pain on the Marin industry for years to come as the fall out over VAT on boats left in the EU looks to continue for years.

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The leisure industry hit hard again.

In the 2008 to 2010 banking crisis, the leisure industry was hit especially hard. Thousands of long-established companies went to the wall thanks to the government and the banking sector’s incompetence. No testimonials sent and none will be sent again after this crisis is over to those in charge of the EU. But wait, some people work above and beyond the call of duty in all of this. I am not referring to politicians or bankers; it is indeed the healthcare workers who have gone well above and beyond the call of duty to keep us safer than we might have been. Indeed where would we all be today without them? Therefore, our testimonials go to all of them as a great big thank you for doing your best to help us ordinary people in this crisis.

Once again thank you to buyers and sellers of boats who trusted us in all manner of ways. Your testimonials mean a great deal to us, you made it all worthwhile.

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European Yacht Charters

The good news is we have been able to develop European Yacht Charters while in lockdown. Please have a look at the website. Read all about Charter Management

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