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We hope you find our pages of boats for sale in Barcelona interesting.
Many of the vessels belong to our Network Yacht Broker offices spread internationally. The relationship we have established within our Group, with our clients, and our advertising of Boats for Sale allows us to reach a worldwide audience. Please take time to visit our testimonials page using this link. You will find detailed information about how we run our brokerage business.

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For many, the decision to sell comes long after the last maintenance was due. So, we almost always have a list of things to before putting our boat up for sale. 

However you feel about putting your boat on the market for sale at some point will. It’s our job to make sure you get the best deal possible. 

Remember, when you advertise your boat for sale; it only takes one buyer, and then the ordeal is over.

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An individual without boat buying knowledge will usually want a Yacht Broker to get involved at some point. 

Let’s face it most people only ever buy one boat or yacht in a lifetime. It’s perfectly logical to start your boat hint through Yacht Broker, just as one would when buying a property. Sticking to well-known brands such as Jeanneau or Beneteau can be a safe option. Perhaps a Yacht syndicate is a way forward for you? Getting together with others is a sociable way to enjoy a hobby.


Plenty of internet scams exist. The recent one is where buyers are convinced to send a holding deposit to a desperate seller. For some, the bargain boat is so tempting they send thousands to secure a boat to a person they never met. A buyer then turns up to collect the boat only to find it never existed. Stories about this nightmare are becoming very common. Unfortunately, online selling makes this easy for the criminal to exploit an inexperienced buyer. Several years ago, this scam would not have happened. To advertise online a company or individual will have needed to register with the hosting platform. The reality is as the internet has become busier, web platforms have seen the opportunity to almost act as Brokers without taking responsibility in policing.

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If you put your boat for sale with a broker, he will protect you from scammers, bargain hunters and tyre kickers. A decent Broker will earn his fee, and that might not be by getting more than your boat is worth, but he will undoubtedly help stop you from getting less than your boat is worth. Brokers fees have reduced over the years, so it is worth considering this point alone. Most now will offer free valuations and advice about how best to maximise your investment return.



You made up your mind that she has to go. The first step is to advertise your boat for sale.  

If you would like us to advertise your boat on our sites including all major marine marketing platforms, contact our office. We can explain all aspects of what we offer to boat owners. Having many boats listed as “Boats for sale Barcelona” outside our office, we offer an extra discount on our selling fee if owners are willing to support a boat sale by conducting viewings themselves. Our no sale no fee policy keeps things very simple. Every one of our boats for sale in Barcelona featured on our website has a legally binding contract giving us consent to offer that boat for sale.

My advice will always be to talk to Network Yacht Brokers. These boats for sale Barcelona page is subject to Copywrite law. We have been trading in Spain for some time now and would like to thank all who supported our venture.

European Yacht Charters is part of Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona and is connected to a global network of boats and yachts. Perhaps you are considering Yacht Charter Management? Please visit our page about this.

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