Founded in 1992, Network Yacht Brokers principles are still effective today.

The primary purpose for creating a Network Yacht Brokers Co-operative was to expand our marketing reach and reduce advertising costs. By sharing advertising under one marketing banner, tremendous savings are made for individual businesses while increasing an international and local audience.

The 3 small steps

how to be a professional yacht broker

step 1
first contact

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Yacht Broker. 

We are currently expanding the Group internationally, with opportunities to get into yacht brokerage. We encourage you now more than ever to send us a short intro email with your details. Locations to build your own business are available in almost every country.

We need to know where you plan to operate before we send any information, so please include this info in any message you send us.

step 2

We help you set up your own business from scratch, explaining all aspects of becoming a Yacht Broker. If you are already working with boats, our three-step strategy will be perfect for you. If you are based in Spain, please contact our office in Port Ginesta, we could start a collaboration of affiliated broker just to start.  

Earn commissions for passing leads. The only investment needed from you is a little of your time—no pressure to open an office immediately. You can operate as an affiliated broker working with the Barcelona office, depending of the area you are based and your conditions. 

"The countdown begins"

Take all the time you need to establish yourself as an affiliate broker. At some point, you might want to open an office and sell even more boats. It is at this point that you can become a licensed Network Yacht Broker.  The Chairman of the Group can help you set up an office and connect you to the Group using our unique CRM system. 

Our fundamental principles are that we operate as a true co-operative. We allocated you an exclusive area only after you have established a portfolio of boats and want to move to step three. An exclusive area is yours to keep or sell whenever you want. 

Established in 1992, many built businesses using the Network Yacht Brokers brand. Some sold companies and retired. If you establish a business licence within the Group, it’s yours to do whatever you want.

Working with Network Yacht Brokers, you keep all the commission you earn. You will contribute to Group marketing only when you have established a full-scale brokerage. As we grow, we can expand our marketing. 

Network Yacht Brokers has snowballed in the past couple of years. We are all flying our own ships, but together we are strong. Large and small companies continue to see the benefit of our marketing strategy. We plan to turbo-boost our performance internationally thanks to the support of our excellent partners.



Take a giant leap. You can buy an existing business or open a new Brokerage office in a Marina. 

If you have the capital to invest in an office and want to set up an office from scratch, the Group will offer support every step of the way. We have over 30 years of experience in the Marine industry and have been Professional Yacht Brokers for more than twenty years. 

Our Broker sharing CRM system is bespoke to Network Yacht Brokers. All offices use the system every day to save time and make money. A corporate marketing strategy and a cutting-edge CRM system are why our brokers can offer excellent customer service.

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COVID 19 has affected companies all over the world. The Marine industry naturally enables social distancing. Our clients benefit from the peace and tranquillity boat owners enjoy even in a marina complex.

Life is unlikely to be the same as it was in Pre-2020. Perhaps we will no longer work in confined offices? In the future, factories might be reconfigured. Whatever happens, a premium will be paid by some for the freedom that the sea offers. You can join an industry that will never be extinct. People love to be far away from the crowd, sailing on their loved boats. 

Keep up to date with our news and events blog posts. In our blogs, you will find local news about boats for sale and information about Barcelona area. We love to talk about boats, sailing adventures, Barcelona, Spain, Port Ginesta, and Castelldefels.