Montjuic Mountain

Montjuic is the highest mountain in Barcelona. The area presents a lush parkland which is a microcosm of the city’s culture. Consequently, the park is full of beautiful nature, fascinating museums, artists and musicians.

Cable Car

No better way to get a view of Barcelona than from the air? The¨Telefèric de Montjuic¨ is a four-person gondola, similar to one in a ski resort. Open since 1970, this cable car will take you right up to Montjuic Castle and the highest point of view in Barcelona, allowing you to see the city from an entirely different perspective. Likewise, taking a cycle tour around Barcelona is a very healthy, ecological and friendly way to explore our fantastic city. The Parc de Montjuic is one of the must-do stops. Why not pedal up and down the winding hill roads for an exhilarating experience to test your fitness?

From the top of the mountain

Take a look down from the top of the hill, and you can get a complete introduction to the artwork and life of Joan Miro. The ¨Fundacio Joan Miro¨ is a museum dedicated to the legendary Barcelonian painter. About halfway up the hill, you can admire the legacy of the 1992 Olympic Games. Barcelona hosted the Olympics right here in Parc de Montjuic. Italian architect Vittorio Grigottidesigned the stadium’s unique Olympic tower. It’s open to the public now and a real treat on a hot day to take a dip in the Olympic pool. Here in the Olympic Stadium, the Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo made an impossible shot with a flaming arrow to light the Olympic flame.


Take plenty of time

If you plan to visit Montjuic, do ensure you leave plenty of time to enjoy the gardens and castle. We think a full day is needed at Montjuic to appreciate this beautiful place. At busy times you may need to wait a while for the red cable car to get you to the top of the hill to start your Montjuic adventure. Nonetheless, the cable car up from the beach is a great way to visit the mountain. We advise you to take plenty of drinking water, a hat and sun cream with you as it can get hot in the park.

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