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Boat for Sale Barcelona
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We have boats for sale at Network Yacht Brokers waiting for you.

This post by Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona will bring you up to speed with last season’s events and offer a personal perspective on the current boats for sale Spanish Yacht and Boat market.

Covid restrictions during 2020.lovely sunset barcelona 55 Boats for Sale

Despite steady boat buyers, we have seen fewer international boat owners this year. Some people have been brave and relied on our walk-around detailed video before making a final buying offer. Others have ignored travel advice and found a way to get to Spain. Interesting to note that Spanish buyers have been out in force looking at boats for sale this year despite the pandemic.

Boat for sale in Barcelona.

When travel restrictions get lifted, we are in a unique geographical position. Our buyers will once again travel the globe to visit Barcelona. We sold some boats that left for America, and it is worth noting that we expect to open our first Network Yacht Brokers office in the USA very soon.

It certainly seems that where there is a boat for sale, a buyer will find it thanks to our incredible marketing system. That same system has been the focal point of considerable interest across the water. I will keep you posted as things develop.

New Network Yacht Brokers Offices.

Despite Covid, our Group has grown. In one year, we opened six new Network Yacht Brokers offices. The offices are in Dover Kent, Gosport, Portsmouth, Bristol, Cows Isle of White, and East Anglia. By pushing forward with our plans to expand our Group, we will bring you the best boats and yachts for sale from around Europe. Our appeal goes out to an international boat buyers market.

Sophisticated marketing tools sell boats.

Once upon a time, we would gather and plan three months of magazine advertising. We were always rushing to get photographs developed and sent to publishers. That was almost thirty-five years ago when “boats for sale” could be a shipwreck. We still sell old boats, and some need lots of refurbishment, but GRP has generally taken over the leisure markets.

Don’t misunderstand. Aluminium and Steel will always have a place in marine applications but are becoming even more expensive to construct and less prevalent in the marketplace.

Whatever material it’s made from, we will find a buyer If you have a “boat for sale” on our system. A boat placed on our sale system is exported automatically to multiple specialist web platforms. Buyers travel worldwide to visit our boats safely in the Knowledge that our Brokers are professional and operate from within marina locations. Our sophisticated computerised sharing system allows our brokers to reach all parts of the globe. A buyer can find it advertised within a few hours of listing a boat or yacht for sale.

It is a point to remember that no matter how sophisticated systems are, real people sell boats and can never be replaced.

Barcelona a Great City to visit

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