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The Megayacht Business: A Growing Sector with Attractive Investment…

The world of megayachts

Welcome to the fascinating world of megayachts, where luxury meets adventure on the high seas. The megayacht business is sailing at full speed, leaving investors intrigued and eager to explore the potential of this thriving sector.

With the growth of wealth and the increasing demand for unique experiences, owning a mega yacht has become the ultimate status symbol for the very wealthy. But what exactly is driving this growing popularity and what does it mean for those looking to invest? In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of megayachts, unveiling the key factors behind their success and the opportunities they offer investors.

From its stunning design and cutting-edge technology to the allure of exclusive destinations, we will explore the elements that make the megayacht sector an attractive prospect for those seeking both luxury and financial growth. So, put on your captain’s hat and let’s set sail on this exciting journey through the megayacht business!

Introduction to the Megayacht Sector

Megayachts, also known as superyachts, are luxury vessels designed to offer an unparalleled sailing experience. These impressive vessels, which usually have more than 24 meters in length, are a symbol of opulence and exclusivity.

The megayacht business has experienced exponential growth in recent years, driven by a combination of factors including rising global wealth and increasing demand for luxury experiences. Megayachts offer a perfect blend of five-star amenities, impeccable design and state-of-the-art technology, making them the perfect retreat for those looking to escape the daily grind and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

The sector has not only attracted the attention of superrich, but also of investors looking for lucrative opportunities in a growing market. Investment in mega-yachts can offer significant returns, either through the purchase and sale of vessels or through participation in charter programs. However, before diving into this exciting world, it is important to understand the factors driving the growth of the sector and to assess the risks and challenges associated with investing in megayachts.

In the following sections, we will explore these key aspects in detail and analyze current opportunities and trends in the megayacht business.

megayates españa
megayates españa

Global Market Overview

The global megayacht market is experiencing unprecedented growth, with a steady increase in demand for these luxurious vessels. According to the annual report of the
International Yacht Builders Association (IYBA)
The value of the megayacht market has experienced steady growth in recent years.

This growth is attributed to several factors, including rising wealth in emerging economies, such as China, and the desire of the super-rich to invest in tangible assets and unique experiences.

The megayacht market is divided into different segments according to the size of the vessels. Mega yachts are classified into three main categories:

  1. small (24-40 meters in length)
  2. medium (40-60 meters in length)
  3. large (over 60 meters in length).

As the size of megayachts increases, so does their price, which means that investment opportunities vary according to each investor’s budget and objectives. However, regardless of size, megayachts offer an unparalleled level of luxury and exclusivity, making them an attractive investment for those seeking a unique experience at sea.

Factors Contributing to Sector Growth

The growth of the sector is due to a combination of factors that have converged to create an environment conducive to its development. One of the key factors is the increase in wealth around the world, especially in emerging economies such as China and India. As more people become affluent, so does the demand for luxurious and exclusive experiences, which has driven the demand for megayachts.

In addition, growing privacy and security concerns have also driven the growth of the mega-yacht sector. Superrich people are increasingly looking to escape the public eye and enjoy quiet moments at sea. Megayachts offer a level of privacy and exclusivity that is difficult to achieve in other settings, making them a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Another important factor that has contributed to the growth of the sector is the advance of technology. The megayachts are equipped with the latest technological innovations, from state-of-the-art entertainment systems to cutting-edge safety devices. These technological improvements not only offer comfort and safety on board, but also increase the attractiveness of megayacht investment, as buyers seek vessels equipped with the latest features and technologies.


The Impact of the Megayacht Industry on Local Economies

The megayacht business not only benefits investors and boat owners, but also has a significant impact on local economies. When mega-yachts visit a destination, they generate a number of economic benefits, from job creation to increased tourism activity and boosting local industry.

When a mega-yacht docks in a port, it creates an instant demand for services, such as refueling, provisions, maintenance and repairs. This generates employment opportunities for local workers and stimulates the region’s economy. In addition, owners and guests spend money at restaurants, hotels, stores and local attractions, further boosting the local economy.

In addition to the direct direct economic benefitsmegayachts can also attract media attention and increase the visibility of a destination. This may generate an increase in tourism and attract investors interested in developing tourism projects in the region. In short, the megayacht business has a positive impact on local economies, generating employment, increasing tourism activity and stimulating economic development.

Business Investment Opportunities

The megayacht business offers a wide range of investment opportunities for those looking to enter this lucrative sector. From the buying and selling boats to participation in charter programs, there are several ways to invest in megayachts.

Below, we will explore some of the most common opportunities in the megayacht business.

Purchase and Sale of Megayachts

One of the most traditional ways to invest in megayachts is through the purchase and sale of boats. Investors can buy a megayacht and then sell it on the secondary market, benefiting from possible appreciation in the value of the vessel.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the megayacht market can be volatile and is subject to fluctuations in demand and prices. In addition, the maintenance and operating costs of a mega-yacht can be significant, which must be taken into account when evaluating the profitability of this investment.

Chartering Programs

Another popular way to invest is through charter programs. These programs allow investors to buy a part of a mega-yacht and then lease it to third parties. The income generated by the rent is shared among the investors, which can generate a significant economic return.

However, as with buying and selling boats, investors must take into account maintenance and operating costs, as well as the demand for megayacht charters in the region in which the boat is located.

Investments in the Ancillary Industry

In addition to investing directly in megayachts, investors can also look for opportunities in the ancillary industry. This includes investments in shipyards, interior design companies, equipment and service providers, and other related sectors. These investments may offer additional diversification and may be less volatile than direct investment in vessels.

In a nutshell, the megayacht business offers a variety of investment opportunities, from the purchase and sale of vessels to participation in chartering programs and investment in the ancillary industry. However, it is important to keep in mind the risks and challenges associated with investing in mega-yachts, such as market volatility and maintenance and operating costs.

Before investing, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and seek the advice of industry experts.
advice of experts in the sector.

vender megayates
vender megayates

Risks and Challenges of Investing in the Megayacht Industry

While the megayacht business offers lucrative opportunities, it is also associated with a number of risks and challenges that investors should be aware of. Some of the main risks include market volatility, maintenance and operating costs, and dependence on external factors, such as economic and political conditions.

The market is known to be volatile, which means that vessel prices can fluctuate significantly depending on demand and other factors. This can affect the value of a megayacht investment and make it difficult to predict future returns. In addition, the maintenance and operating costs of a mega-yacht can be significant, which must be taken into account when evaluating the profitability of an investment.

Another important challenge is the dependence on external factors, such as economic and political conditions. Changes in the global economy or government policies may have a significant impact on the business. For example, an economic downturn may reduce demand for mega-yachts, which would affect boat prices and charter revenues. In addition, changes in maritime regulations or tax policy may affect the profitability of a megayacht investment.

Megayacht Ownership Options for Investors

The megayacht business offers a variety of ownership options for investors. One of the most common approaches is individual ownership, where a person or a company acquires a megayacht for personal use. This option allows the owner to enjoy the exclusivity and privacy that a megayacht offers, as well as the freedom to customize it according to their tastes and preferences. However, owning an individual megayacht also entails significant costs, such as maintenance, crew and operating expenses.

Another popular option is shared ownership, where several investors join together to acquire a megayacht and share the costs and time of use. This option may be attractive for those who wish to enjoy the megayacht experience without taking on the full financial burden. In addition, shared ownership can also provide the opportunity to meet others with similar interests and establish connections in the megayachting community.

In addition to individual and shared ownership, there are also megayacht charter options, where investors can purchase a megayacht and charter it to others to generate income. This option may be especially attractive for those who wish to invest in the megayacht business without committing to full ownership. However, it is important to keep in mind that megayacht chartering also comes with challenges, such as booking management, maintenance and legal liability.

megayates compra venta

Megayacht Industry Trends and Forecasts

The industry is experiencing a number of trends that are driving its growth and are expected to continue in the future. trends that are driving its growth and are expected to continue in the future.. One of the main trends is the increasing demand for mega-yachts by the super-rich around the world. As global wealth continues to grow, more people are seeking exclusive and luxurious experiences, and megayachts offer just that. In addition, advances in megayacht technology and design have led to the creation of larger, faster and more luxurious vessels, which in turn has increased the attractiveness of the industry.

Another important trend is the growing environmental awareness in the megayacht industry. As more people become concerned about the environmental impact of their activities, megayachts are taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint. This includes the use of cleaner and more efficient technologies, such as hybrid engines and renewable energy systems, as well as sustainable practices in the construction and operation of mega-yachts.

Adopting these measures not only helps to protect the environment, but can also be a key factor in attracting investors and customers who value sustainability.

As for the megayacht industry forecasts, the sector is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. According to a report by Wealth-X, the number of super-rich in the world is expected to increase significantly over the next decade, driving demand for mega-yachts. In addition, advances in megayacht technology and design are expected to continue, which will further enhance the sailing experience and increase the attractiveness of the industry.

Overall, the future looks bright for the megayacht business and investors have the opportunity to benefit from this growth.

Key Players in the Megayacht Industry

The industry is composed of a variety of key players that play a fundamental role in its operation and development. These stakeholders include megayacht builders, designers, brokers, service providers and more. Below, we will look at some of the most influential players in the megayacht industry.

Megayacht Builders

Mega yacht builders are responsible for the construction of these impressive vessels. Some of the most recognized builders include
. These builders specialize in creating custom megayachts that meet the highest standards of quality and luxury.


Designers play a crucial role in creating the most impressive mega-yachts. From exterior design to interior design, designers work closely with owners and builders to create elegant and functional spaces that reflect individual style and preferences.

Yacht Brokers

megayacht brokers
are intermediaries that help buyers and sellers connect and close deals. These professionals have extensive knowledge of the industry and can guide clients through the process of buying or selling a megayacht. They can also provide advice on the market and current trends.

Service Providers

Mega yachts require a wide range of services to keep them running and provide a luxury experience for owners and guests. These services include crew, maintenance, concierge services, catering and more. Service providers play a key role in ensuring that mega yachts run smoothly and meet the highest standards.

In summary, key players in the megayacht industry, such as builders, designers, brokers and service providers, play a critical role in the success and development of the industry. Their experience and knowledge are key to creating first-class megayachts and providing an exceptional experience for owners and guests.

megayates comprar
megayates comprar

Conclusions: Is it Smart to Invest in the Megayacht Business?

In conclusion, the megayacht business is experiencing a boom in popularity due to the growing demand for luxury and exclusive experiences. Megayachts offer the super-rich the opportunity to enjoy privacy, luxury and adventure on the high seas. In addition, the megayacht industry is experiencing a number of positive trends, such as increased environmental awareness and advances in technology and design.

For investors, the business offers a variety of ownership options, from single ownership to shared and rental. Each option has its advantages and challenges, so it is important to carefully assess the risks and seek advice from industry experts before investing.

While the megayacht business can offer lucrative returns, it is also associated with risks, such as market volatility and maintenance and operating costs. It is essential to conduct thorough research and fully understand the risks before making an investment decision.

Overall, the megayacht business is an exciting and attractive sector that has captured the attention of investors looking for lucrative opportunities in a growing market. With the rise of global wealth and the increasing demand for luxurious experiences, the future looks bright for those looking to embark on the megayacht business. However, it is essential to navigate wisely and make informed decisions to take full advantage of the opportunities this thriving sector has to offer.

Alajuela 38 sold Yachts Sold

Alajuela 38 SOLD

Alajuela 38 sold

Alajuela 38 has been sold by Network Yacht Brokers in Port Ginesta

Silver Heels is a 38ft Double-Ended Sloop designed by William Atkin and built as a cruiser in Huntington, the USA. The Alajuela Yacht Corp in the United States made her design. The Alajuela 38 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fibreglass, with wood trim. It has a cutter rig, a spooned raked stem with a teak bowsprit, a canoe transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller, and a fixed long keel. The name Atkin has long been associated with the best in seaworthy boats. If you are looking for “the right boat” to build, you will be delighted with the boat design collections of William Atkin. Inherently solid, grand sea-goers and comfortable. The yacht was epoxy treated in June 2021 and stayed out of the water for two months.

The owner says

¨I had a dream to sail the world around. On a clear day, we saw Silver Heels for sale in France. The boat had arrived from California (USA) via New Zealand through the Red Sea into Med. The ship had all the experience and could easily sail worldwide on its long keel. I missed the experience of long-distance sailing. The first owners were glad to sell their boat to us, who intended world cruising. Of course, dreams can change, and due to family circumstances, we did not make a world trip with our two small kids. Instead, we sailed Silver Heels to Belgium and enjoyed sailing the Channel. The Netherlands, France and England for the first ten years. My son and I made a year trip to the Canary Islands and ended up in Barcelona, where we used the boat for family sailing to the Balearics Islands. We loved Silver Heels for over 30 years, but now it is time to let her go to somebody else with a dream to sail the high seas¨.

The yacht comes with 7 sails: the main sail, Genoa and staysail by Lee sails 1998 and a Storm Main, Strom staysail, Gennaker + Spinnaker with are originals.

Winches Lewmar 2 speed 2 x 44
                                          2 x 32
                                          3 x 30

The motor is installed under the bridge deck and cockpit floor.

The motor is splayed to the port hand. The propeller, however, is in the centre of the stern post. The advantage of this arrangement is easy steering when the boat is under power; no pull on the tiller as would be the case with a straight centre-line drive. The engine is an Izuzu 40 HP 3 cylinders fresh water cooling system. Last serviced in 2019 with 4789 engine hours. Shaft drive 18″ fixed 3-blade bronze propeller. The boat is fitted with an inboard diesel engine of 40 hp (30 kW) for docking and manoeuvring. The fuel tank holds 250 L (under the stairs) and the 2 freshwater tanks have a capacity of 190 L each (in the saloon). There is a holding tank of 132 L, but it is not connected and has been used as a spare fuel tank.

5 vetus/Exide batteries capacity 110 x 3 the year 2021, 12 volt
Mastervolt 240 Battery Charger
220 Shore Power

Electric Windlass
100 meters of chain
80 meters of warp + chain
5 ground tackle

Navigation Aids

Plastimo Compass 1980 x2
Horizon Speed WS45 2000
GPS 2000 Garmin
Echo Sounder Horizon 2000
Log Walker KDS MK III
Radar Sitex 24 miles 1980
VHF 1980
Autopilot Autohelm 4000 year 2000
Navtex 2000
Card System Radar Detector
monitor wind vane

General Equipment Alajuela 38

Tools Complete Set
Dishes and Glasses
Pot and pans
Linens and Towels
Many Engine, plumbing and electrical spare parts
Gas Detector
Boarding Ladder
Achilles Dinghy 4 persons 2000
Outboard Yahama Malta 2000
10 Fenders
1 Manual Bilge Pump
2 Electric Bilge Pumps
3 Navigation Lights
2 Boathooks
1 Sprayhood
1 Sun Awning
1 Clock
2 Barometer
1 Boat Alarm
Many engine Spares
1 Radio
1 Cassette
1 CD

Safety Equipment

1 Liferaft serviced in 2000
3 Manual Fire Extinguishers to recharge
3 Life Jackets

Accommodation Inside Alajuela 38

Sleeping accommodations are provided for four people (no pilot berth). These include a “V”-a berth in the bow cabin, plus two settee berths in the saloon. The galley is “U”-shaped and located on the starboard side at the foot of the companionway steps. It includes a top-loading icebox and a two-burner propane-fueled stove. There is a navigation station aft. A wet locker is mounted between the aft engine room and the navigation station aft. The cabin has a teak and holly sole and is finished in teak wood, with a planked ceiling. The head is located just aft of the bow cabin, on the starboard side. The stern lazarette provides vented storage for propane tanks. Ventilation is provided by four teak ventilators, plus an optional teak skylight.

1 forward double cabin
2 single berths in the saloon
LPG fuel cooker
2 burners
1 oven
1 grill
2 sink
Petrol Cabin Heating
Freezer and Fridge Dual Compressor
Manual Toilet (many spares onboard)

alajuela 38

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JEANNEAU LEADER 8 sold Yachts Sold

Jeanneau Leader 8 Sold



Far from every day, with family or friends, you will enjoy her exceptional handling and performance. The Jeanneau Leader 8 also features a distinctive style, a remarkably ergonomic deck plan and a bright and comfortable interior.

Spanish Flag, max people onboard 9

Mooring is included in the price until September 2023. After that, you have to take care of the rental fees.

Last antifouling and engine service 2022.

Engine Volvo Penta 5.7 GX DPS 2015 320 cvs, Gasolina, 160 hours, cruising speed 25 knots and top speed 30 knots. Bow Thruster.

Anchor, Electric Windlass, Horn, Ladder, Navigation Light, Sprahood and Bimini, Cover all, Radio, CD, Clock. 8 Lifejackets. Compass, Speed Meter, GPS, Eco Sounder, VHF, Autopilot. All safety equipment is to sail within 12 miles of the coast.

All documentation is in order.

Double Room in the Saloon

Gas Galley with two burners

Fridge and Freezer, Sink, 1 Head, one aft shower

Beige Upholstery

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Yachts Sold

Bavaria 38 Sold

Bavaria 38 Sold


Introduced in 2002, the Bavaria 38 was a J&J Desing design and was an update to the highly successful Bavaria 37. The Bavaria 38 is a cruiser with a length of 11.91m and a beam of 3.87m. The movement on deck is comfortable and safe thanks to the large flat surfaces, the solid handles and the centring of the shrouds. The teak coating is appreciated and recently renovated in the cockpit, and the grey Sika Flex gives it a more modernised environment.
It has a complete bimini top with extension to the mast, awnings and spray hood, all in excellent condition.
She is a boat maintained with extreme care and a detailed record of everything done to it. She presents an unbeatable appearance both inside, as cover and engine. Ready to navigate and enjoy 100%.
The interior layout is unbeatable, with three large double cabins, a spacious living room with a laterally arranged kitchen and a spacious full bathroom.
She is currently with the Belgian flag but possibly returning to the Spanish one.

The boat has a Volvo Penta Engine DS-55 of 74.8cv, a powerful engine for that length. About 1100 hours are estimated for the engine, and its condition is impeccable, with all its revisions up to date. The propeller (2021) and the two batteries (2020) are new.

Inventory Bavaria 38

Genoa and furling mainsail in excellent condition and recently reviewed
Last antifouling June 2022
Electric anchor windlass with remote control
Two anchors plus 50 meters of chain
bathing ladder
Dinghy Highfield 2.30 meters new
Outboard Suzuki 2.5hp 4T
Bimini, spray-hood, and awning all covered up to the mast
Covers for the steering wheel, the winches and the bimini.
Cockpit fender skirts with side pockets.
All textiles are in excellent condition.
Cushions/mats in imitation leather for the cockpit and made-to-measure covers
All hatch rubbers were renewed.
Complete Raymarine electronic equipment: speed, wind, GPS, Plotter, depth sounder, VHF and Autopilot
2 BOSH 1x140ah 1x70ah batteries from 2020
Diesel tank 150 litres
Water Tank 2×150 litres
Dirty tank 1×70 litres
Water heater

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Sold Long Keel Schooner



SOLD SCHOONER: Our gulet Alania has been sold, and we are happy to announce that the new owner is excited to have her in his hands. We have worked hard to get the best deal for the former owner and are delighted that he is satisfied with the transaction. He will now be able to focus on his passion for olive growing.
The sale has been a challenge, but thanks to our team of experts and the dedication of the former owner, we have succeeded. The new owner looks forward to sailing her, and we are sure he will enjoy her fully. We are proud to have been part of this transaction and wish the new owner many years of adventures and unforgettable moments on board Alania. Congratulations to the new owner, and thank you to the former owner for trusting us!

Description of the boat

Precious example of a Schooner built in 1992 perfect for coastal navigation in the Med. Pine hull 6 cm thick Deck, cabin and interior of iroko Pine and iroko interiors. Passenger Ship 30 passengers + 3 crew in daytime departure and 18 on board (14 + 4 crew) longer journeys—list 2 of the Spanish registry.

In March 2022, the owner spent €10,000 to fine-tune the hull and pass the annual dry inspection. The boat needs particular attention to the deck and general tuning and works to put her back in perfect condition. The teak deck is being replaced now by the seller.

Owner comments

Like every year I have had the boat for the last 18 years, it has been out of the water the entire month of February, and it is every year to do the annual inspection by some naval engineers. The entire hull has been sanded this year (2022), and almost all the hull planks have been changed. The largest is 2 m. The hull is the best of the 6 cm pine boat. The interior of the living room is 2 m.

The owner can provide a vast stock of wood of IROKO, PINE and TEAK for future repairs. The owner will include it in the price at no cost. The wood is valued at €10.000.

The owner has not been the only owner but has been the last owner for 18 years. The Schooner was bought in Turkey in 2002, where the previous owner used it as a charter.

This schooner is in list six since the owner has occupied it for charter since its acquisition.

The price of the schooner includes the transfer price of the company’s change of name to continue being used commercially.

The schooner is not used as a charter now; it is in the water in port.

This is the original engine, and although it is several years old, it has always been serviced. The engine is mechanical, and it works perfectly for this type of boat. This boat does around 500 navigation hours a year, estimated at 12,000 with this owner.


10kw diesel sole generator. installed 2012 does not reach 1000 hours of operation
Pump pressure water 3 kg
Two macerator pumps for greywater 1.5 hp each
210 hp ENGINE Iveco 8210tamd
1,5hp fire pump
black and grey water capacity 1,350 litres
hydraulic windlass with two anchors of 100 m. chain. The valve system was installed in 2015. chain of 2015. hydraulic pump 2014. another galvanized chain in 2015.
chap. Fuel 2,000 l.
hydraulic bow thruster
hydro hybrid system reducing consumption and co2
general water softener installed in 2016
capacity water 3,300 l. plastic tanks installed in 2015/2016
inverter 3000 watts


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rob woodward senior yacht broker Yacht Brokers

Robert Woodward Senior Yacht Broker

The story of Robert Woodward

Rob sadly left us on 03.03.22 R.i.p.

Robert Woodward Senior Yacht Broker

¨I’m Rob Woodward, I work at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona. I’d like to talk to you today about becoming Yacht Broker or opening your own brokerage business by joining this Network Your Brokers cooperative. I’m going to explain how by pure chance I got into this amazing industry; perhaps my story will encourage some of you to have a go at fulfilling your dreams of working with boats and yachts. I started sailing in 1976 as a teenager crewing on the Sir Francis Drake, a 72 foot sale training yard owned by the ocean yacht club.  

I remember the adventure well, it was Drake’s maiden voyage and without doubt the highlight of that adventure was when we left the shelter of the Island of Man just as we came in the harbour entrance we were unceremoniously knocked flat by a huge gust of wind. No sooner than I glanced around the deck to see my friends dangling helplessly by the safety lines that beautiful yacht picked herself up and raced to Holyhead in just a few short hours. What an introduction to sailing that was and it’s fair to say that the thrill of that adventure spurred me on to even greater sailing adventures over the following 40 odd years.

It wasn’t until 1995 that I started sailing seriously. I quickly became determined to get every RYA qualification possible. In 1998 I began working for Conwy school of yachting as a yacht master instructor. I remember the pay was rubbish but I do recall with great fondness dashing to North Wales at weekends to meet each new crew then heading off to sea for them for a weekend or five days adventure. 

At the time I had a reasonably young family was lucky that my wife enjoyed the paycheck as much as my company at home. Things worked very well for a few years as I developed my sailing skills around the coast of the Irish Sea as I became even more hooked on a life by the sea, I convinced my wife to sell everything and move to Wales. We sold our home our businesses Stockport Cheshire and even put our boat on the market to raise a little extra cash.

The first summer slipped by; as I recall, it was Christmas we were in the pub with our friends enjoying the same school. I got talking to the local network your broker; one conversation led to another when he asked ¨would you be interested in buying the yacht brokerage business from me?¨ The following day I went to the brokers office in Conwy Marina and passed over a check for the agreed amount, it was that fast. 

Passed the deal was sharing network yacht brokers; at the time I didn’t attach any great value to this but then I didn’t know anything about becoming a Yacht Broker. My mind was already set and developing a decent marine engineering service for Conwy marine. I thought the brokerage would be a sideline that might add a little to our engineering service; how wrong I was. 

The first week of owning the brokerage business we sold our first motor boat. Comparing to engine compartments this was very easy, that was a great business. By 2007 our branch of Network Yacht Brokers had become a multi million pound company. It’s fair to say that considerable amounts of that business revolved around new boat sales; however we would not have been able to develop new boat sales had we not first established a solid brokerage. 

Due to the banking crash in 2008 new boat sales were swept off a cliff with most of the marine industry although the brokerage business in Conway acted as a parachute for us enabling a somewhat softer landing when we hit rock bottom. In 2012 the network yacht broker group chairman retired, I was asked to pick up the baton promising to grow the group. In 2016 I accepted an offer for my brokerage business in North Wales. The great thing was that the buyers wanted to stay in our network group. This sale allowed me once again to make a significant lifestyle change and move to Barcelona in Spain.

In early 2017 I opened a new Network Yacht Brokers office in Port Ginesta, Barcelona. Thanks to the dedication from my work colleague Chiara, we built a new brokerage business and already have a solid foundation to build on for the future. That’s my story so far. 

Let’s talk about how you can start in this industry; the good news is you don’t need any sailing qualifications perhaps you’ve simply owned a boat for a few years and want a lifestyle change, you’re the type of person who find it easy to become a yacht broker. We’ve developed a step-by-step strategy that will ease you into our industry our three-step policy revolves around online coaching while working with you to build a portfolio of boats you can sell.¨

bavaria_yachts sailing boats Yachts Sold

Bavaria 40 Voyager (Sold)

Bavaria 40, Another boat sold by Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

Bavaria 40. This is an excellent example of Bavaria 40 Voyager year 2013. She has always been used for charter and kept in excellent condition. The three cabins version has one forward cabin and two aft cabins with two heads (toilet) compartments. The last charter was in August 2021. She was then put up for sale by the owner through our brokerage at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona.

Bavaria 40 Yachts is a German shipyard established in 1978 in north Bavaria, Germany. To see a brief factory tour we made over 20 years ago when we visited the Bavaria yacht factory follow the link below to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find lots of boat-related videos.

How Bavaria Yachts Are Built

A BAVARIA yacht is the perfect interaction of many elements. Everything is built around the extensive expertise of German engineering. The owner now wants to sell it as it is not convenient for him to do charter anymore. The berth is available for rent in Port Ginesta through our company. It´s in a great location.

Three cylinders
Fresh and Seawater cooling
Saildrive GearBox
Bow Thruster

Electrics 12 v
Four batteries year 2021
Engine Alternator
240 Battery Charger

Furling Main Sail and Foresail
Main Sail 2013
Foresail 2013

2 Genoa winches
2 Halyards winches

Chain 50 meters
Electric windlass
Spare anchor

General Equipment
Gas detector
1 Manual Bilge Pump
Navigation Lights
Guard wire
Video CD
Cockpit Cover
Bimini Sprayhood

Safety Equipment
Liferaft 2021
Life Jackets
Fire Blanket
Fire Extinguishers

Navigation Aids
Echo Sounder

Northwind Yacht Beautiful Teak Deck and elegant Boats Information

Northwind Yachts Barcelona

Famous boatyard in the centre of Barcelona

Northwind Yachts’ famous boatyard was in the middle of Barcelona, Spain. The yard was once the proud producer of globetrotting yachts, and the boatyard remains a very usable space. Thankfully it is developing into a yacht repair yard which is an excellent use of this once fantastic facility.
Northwind’s old yard includes a fully equipped production hall measuring 60m in length x 30m wide x 23m high, offering unprecedented access to the Mediterranean Sea. An external esplanade measuring close to 12,000 square metres is also available for repairs and refit works and is now part of the Port Vela Marina development. Northwind Yachts had already sold its northern hall to the Barcelona World Race Foundation.

Shipyard repair and refit activities

North Wind Yachts Shipyard in Barcelona provides excellent opportunities for yacht construction, repair and refit activities, sales and brokerage through Marina Vela.
Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona (Network BCN) is keen to support Marina Vela in developing the old Northwind’s yard. (Network BCN).
Partner in Network BCN Rob Woodward says, “The site is located a few minutes away from Barcelona’s city centre and 15 minutes from the Barcelona international airport. The shipyard is located at the entrance of Barcelona Harbor, where yachts sailing to the private yachting clubs and marinas of Barcelona pass. This excellent infrastructure, including the “W”-Hotel, must be further developed”.

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Northwind Yacht Beautiful Teak DeckNorthwind Yacht Beautiful interior

Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea Feature immage Yachts Sold

Oyster 54 Yacht Sold in Barcelona

Globetrotting Oyster 54 Yacht Sold

blue hull Oyster 54 plan seaSailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea lift out of the waterSailing in windy water Oyster 54 Yacht For sale plan seaBoat yard Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea

Lovingly maintained and exceptionally equipped by an owner with care on the globetrotting Yacht. Attention to detail was considered in every aspect of modification. Many of the owner’s upgrades were carried out by the Oyster Yacht factory in Southampton and Ipswich. Technical upgrades included changes to the LED lighting, sound and entertainment systems. Additions include a carbon gangway (passerelle).

This Yacht is presented in superb condition, and this Yacht has to be seen to be appreciated. The interior is finished in American light oak and created with handcrafted joinery. The final finish gives a sense of quality and craftsmanship that one would expect at this level of luxury yacht creation.

The rig is set up for short-handed sailing, offering a rewarding and exciting sailing experience for both skipper and crew.

Berthed in Gibraltar, this beautiful Yacht is ready to sail on her next adventure.

Currently fully winterised and ashore and available for survey inspection of all systems. No known faults exist, and everything is fully functioning. She is European VAT Paid with all papers in order.

General Accommodation Specification  

The accommodation comprises six berths in three cabins (excluding the saloon). The Interior is finished in white oak, supporting the Design concept to be modern yet practical and usable at sea. Features include sculpted fiddles with grab rails, ‘shadow-gap’ joints between panels and Oyster custom-made knobs for all lockers and drawers. In 2018 the teak cabin floor was replaced. Created by Dolphin Sails, Carpets also cover the sole boards in the saloon, galley, and owners’ stateroom. 

Surfaces in the Galley and heads are Avonite and Sandpiper coloured, whereas the headlining is vinylene. She is upholstered with covers in AAlcantaraand Amber glow. Lee screens are available on all berths.

Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea SaloonBunk beds Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan seaSaloon 2 Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan seaMaster cabin bed Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan seaEngine Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea

A foam-backed vinyl saloon table cover protects the beautiful table wood. Curtains and blind systems are fitted in all cabins. Oceanair ‘Skyscreens’ are also fitted to all deck hatches with flyscreens to all opening hull and coach-roof ports.

Hella 24V fans in cabins and Galley affect a breeze when needed. 

Forward Double Cabin:
 Comprising of Centreline double berth. Hanging locker, shelf and stowage beneath the berth and access to the fore-deck via fore-hatch,

Twin Cabin: To starboard (bunk) with upper and lower berths. The stowage beneath the lower berth has a hanging locker and vanity unit with a drawer.

Foreward Heads:  To port fitted with a PAR Quiet flush electric toilet, washbasin and shower. Mirror, Lockers

Saloon:    L-shaped settee and table to starboard, and seating to port. A fold-over leaf table forms a large dining table when opened or an occasional table in its closed position. A stainless steel book rack in the starboard hull port recess. Locker for bottles, glasses and crockery. Bosch washer/dryer fitted in saloon table pedestal (service 2019) 

The Galley, situated transport, has ample storage. Access to the engine compartment. Oilskin hanging locker
Sinks: Twin stainless
Cooker: Force 10 gimballed stainless steel 4-burner gas cooker with grill and oven.
Microwave: Panasonic Combi oven and grill, new in 2013
Refrigerator: Front-opening stainless steel.
Navigation: To starboard with a forward-facing chart table. Bookrack and drawer. Access to engine room inboard

Owner’s Stateroom:

A large aft cabin with a double berth, slightly offset to port, with a custom high-quality composite foam mattress. Settee and dressing table/desk to starboard. Large hanging locker, plus several other lockers and drawers. En-Suite Heads To starboard with PAR Quiet Flush electric toilet, washbasin, and separate shower stall. Mirror. Lockers.


Hull number:     Oyster 54/01

Hull construction: Hull ‘custom’ laminates comprise a combination of E Glass, Kevlar and CarbonFibre, which offers significant weight savings, strength and stiffness advantages over normal GRP incorporated with balsa core above the waterline for additional strength, stiffness and insulation. Solid laminate below the waterline reinforced with stringers and floors.

Hull finish: Hull painted in Awlgrip Flag Blue with gold cove line and white double boot top lines 

Deck Construction: Moulded in GRP with Balsa Core. The deck finished is finished in teak. She has a self-draining teak-laid cockpit floor, with GRP low profile ‘roll edge’ bulwark.

Keel:  High performance (HPB) with external lead keel bulb

Rudder: Protected skeg-hung rudder

Stern design:  The stern design incorporates a bathing platform trimmed with teak slats and two tteak-filledstainless steel steps to access the stern deck and hot & cold shower.

EURCD  Built to comply with the latest requirements for Category A- Ocean

Engine: Yanmar 4JH4-HTBE 110Hp (81kW) four-cylinder turbo diesel

Propeller:     Gori 3-blade folding type.

Rope Cutter:  Ambassador 

Alternators:   80A 150Ah 150A/24V Mastervolt heavy duty

Generator:    Onan MDKAV 7 Kw 220v 50hZ

Bowthruster:  MaxPower CT 165 24V tunnel bow thruster, including eyebrow on the hull.

Air Conditioning:  220V Cruisair reverses cycle system (cold and hot), comprising 116,000 BTU units. 3 x air conditioning units: owner’s stateroom, saloon, and fore & side cabin Fully Serviced 2018

Watermaker:  Seafresh 204A 220VAC providing 72 litres/hour


Ships Supply:  24V

Remain:     220V 50Hz A.C. ring main with 5 x double, 3-pin Clipsal sockets located as appropriate within the layout  

Other Electrical Sockets:
12V Cigar lighter type socket at chart table

Batteries:     Domestic: 8 x 6V heavy-duty ‘deep-cycle batteries giving 440Ah, new in 2018.
 Engine start: 2 x 75A / 12V giving 150Ah, new in 2019
1 x generator starting, new in 2019

Battery Management
 Mastervolt 220V MASS 24V / 75A charger
Mastervolt Masterlink MICC – battery meter and remote panel
 Mastervolt Alpha Pro regulator
 Emergency Link

Inverter:     220V MASS sine inverter 24/2500

Shorepower:  30A 18m (60′) dockside power cable. Hubbell socket in the transom.
Second 30A shore power lead + 20m extension and socket for air conditioner

Interior Lighting:
 All interior lights from Calibra
PPre-bit-downlight LED chrome-over over reading areas, switchable and dimmable between red & white.
Reading I am reading or each berth.
LED lights under bunks and perimeter of owner’s bed, new in 2018
The LED light in companionway steps, new in 2013
 Automatic door lights to drinks locker and refrigerator
 Flexible chart table lamp switch red/ white LED
LED red/white to galley and chart table

Exterior Lighting:
 2 x LED boom lights over cockpit table, new in 2013
LED Up-lighters on upper and lower spreaders, plus down-lighter on lower spreaders only ( NEW 2019)
Aqua Signal LED navigation lights and steaming light, new in 2013
Aqua Signal deck light
Hella NaviLED Trio tri-colour with anchor light, new in 2017


Fuel:  850 litres approximately ( 187 imp/224 US gallons) in GRP tank

Water: 750 litres approximately ( 165 imp/198 US gallons) in GRP tank

Hot Water:  From an insulated tank of approximately 73 litres ( 16 imp/19 U.S. gallons) heated by the engine’s heat exchange or by thermostatically controlled 220V, 1.25kW immersion heater elements powered by the generator or dockside power.

Pressurised Hot & Cold Water Freshwater System
 Aqua Filter water purifying charcoal filter on galley cold supply.

Holding Tanks: Polypropylene gravity discharge holding tanks x 2, with Wema gauges.


Mast & Rigg Rig-slooploop

 Selden Furling mast, white painted with electric drive to in-mast furling
 Selden solid rod kicker/vang
Hydraulic Holmatro integral backstay adjusted
Folding mast steps x 2 close to the masthead
‘No Strike’ ion dissipators x 2 at the masthead
Inner forestay chainplate and mast fitting fitted for the storm jib.
Standing rigging 1 x 19mm stainless steel Dyform wire
Mast was removed and fully serviced in 2015

Mainsail Furling: Selden

Headsail Furling: Selden Furlex manual headsail furling system

Winches:       Lewmar – self-tailing;

              2 x #65 CEST electric 2-speed primaries

              1 x #46 CST mainsail reefing on mast

              1 x #48 CEST electric mainsheet

              2 x #50 2-speed main and genoa halyard on mast

              2 x #16 CST mainsheet traveller

Spinnaker Gear: 
 Spinnaker pole and rigging attached to the mast. Package includes chainplates, deck fittings, halyard, topping lift, pole lift, single sheet, buy fore guy and all required blocks.

Sails:         By  North Sails

             Mainsail in Dyneema, new in 2014 (hardly used)

             Genoa in Dyneema, new in 2014 (hardly used)

             Fully cleaned by North Sails in 2019, new sails in production to be added by Dolphin Sails

             MPS Cruising Chute with a squeezer



Compasses: S.I. R.S. Major 150mm steering compass

Sailing Instruments:

           Raymarine ST60+, including Speed, Depth, Log and Analogue Wind Speed/Direction

Radar/     Raymarine E120 system at chart table with 4kW radar

Chart Plotter/GPS

           Raymarine E80 repeater mounted in Navpod at the forward end of the cockpit.

Autopilot:   Raymarine ST6002

Windex:    Windex and wind vane at masthead

Navtex:    Furuno NX 300 at chart table, linked to PC

VHF Radio:  Raymarine 240E D-DSC VHF, and additional VHF and speaker at the pedestal, new 2013

SSB Radio:  Icom

Satellite Phone:

           Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone, the latest model (serviced 2019 by Iridium) with a docking station and all accessories for a transatlantic passage

           P.C.:        ASA notebook on the cradle in chart table with separate wireless keyboard and mouse. Router to enable fWi-FiWi-F. A fully integrated, marine-grade antenna with a Wi-Fi booster and n integrated USB cable will fit into Yacht. 


Sound System: 

            J.L. Audio, including new speakers in the saloon and cockpit. Fusion CD/DVD/ iPad system, with an upgraded amplifier, 150 Watts per channel for cockpit speakers

Television:   Sony 17″ new in 2019, slides away into the cupboard above the freezer. Status 330 antennae with 12V amplifier for digital T.V. & F.M. radio

Deck Layout and Equipment:

Anchor:     CQR 34Kg main anchor with 100m 12mm chain + 30m warp. Fortress lightweight folding ketch anchor with 10m chain and 50m warp.

Windlass:   Lewmar V4 electric anchor windlass – capstan on deck.Remote-controlled anchor windlass control

Deck Access: Mainship gateway stanchions. Gate to pushpit. Stainless steel folding transom-hung bathing ladder. Socket in top transom rung for passerelle. 

Hatches  Oyster custom drop-down washboard system.Lewmar ally-framed deck hatches. Gebo alloy-framed coaming portlights. Gebo opening hull ports x 8. Lewmar portlight from the cockpit to the Galley.

Please tell us if you are considering selling a Motor Boat or Yacht. We work on a no-sale no, fee basis. So if we do not sell your boat, you decide you will not pay us anything. We are proud of the Testimonials page; they have genuine comments from boat buyers and sellers. Our Yacht Broker commission charges are the lowest in Spain because we are part of a large group of Profesional Brokers. We buy our marketing in bulk and get great deals on the website marketing space that we can pass on to you (the seller) through reduced commission charges. Visit our boats for sale page; we have Boats for sale in all price ranges.

Retractable Bow thruster boat for Sale Boats Information

What you need to know before you buy a…

Expensive Extras that are worth paying for

My top ten list of optional extras will add value to a yacht on the used market; here are tips you need to know before you buy a yacht. Some upgrades are expensive but not generally considered essential to a used yacht buyer. See my post before buying a yacht three for expensive factory-fit extras with little value in the used yacht market.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Arch Boats For sale Spain

As solar and electronic boating equipment becomes more efficient, enhancing the sun’s power when at sea enables more freedom. Sailors love freedom, so solar panels are undoubtedly close to the top of my list of things that enhance the value of a used yacht.

Bow Thruster

Bow thruster on a boat for sale Spain before you buy a yacht

Acquiring manoeuvering skills for a good size yacht, especially around a tiny harbour or marina, takes time. Even a well-practised skipper is glad of a button to press in a time of need. The reality is that unless you move boats regularly, even professional skippers can have difficulties.


Assortment of components boat for sale SpainA modern-quality autopilot is worth its weight in gold (as they say). If you are sailing short-handed, then it is almost essential on a reasonable-size fin keel yacht. I can argue an exception if you sail a long-keel yacht. It is possible to set sails, add a little weather helm and keep on trucking(as they say). Locking the helm will require navigational input over time, but it’s great fun!

Chart Plotter Combined Radar

Chart Plotter Yacht For sale spain

Once upon a time, as plotters became more graphic, skippers would have two plotters, one at the nav table and one on deck. The reality is that little from most leisure sailing is spent below in the chart table. Plotters have become more prominent, brighter and weather resistant, so using them as a glorified sat-nav makes sense. When approaching an unfamiliar harbour, it is very reassuring to glance at the plotter and see your position from a different perspective. Unfortunately, navigation equipment is updated so fast that I would only buy a plotter catered to my needs. I would not spend additional money buying anything electronic because I thought it would enhance the value of my yacht. Next season, a new owner will want to update the latest gadgets.

Electric Winch

Electric winch on a yacht in Spain

One electric winch on the coachroof is enough for most people. It will save you lots of work grinding up or pulling both the main. You can also use it to hoist a buddy, rig up a pully, and recover a dingy or person. One can find all manner of uses for an electric winch on the coach roof. I do not see a need for an electric winch on any yacht smaller than 13 metres.

Folding Propellor

before you buy a yachtI selected reverse when sailing for years to save wear and tear on my yacht gearbox. They said that the components inside the gearbox are fixed and wearing (sounds reasonable) because the prop stops spinning. They also say that a fixed propellor creates less drag than a free-spinning prop (no idea about that). Then I met some people who sailed the Atlantic having to replace a gearbox on a reasonably modern yacht. Selecting reverse to lock the propellor over long periods puts a strain on the gearbox clutch that can cause It to wear out (wow, I never knew that). The solution, if you are concerned, is a folding propellor. It’s a lovely thing to have, and a buyer for your yacht will be happy you invested money in one.

Fresh Water-cooled Engine

Fresh Water Cooled Engine Volvo penta

This one is worth another post. If I had a choice, I would pay a little more for a new water-cooled engine. Link to a post on the subject to follow


Boat Heating

Boat Heating on a boat for sale in Spain

Boats in northern climates can be damp smelly places. A boat heater will not only keep you toasty warm in the evenings. It will drive out dampness and protect your investment.



Air Conditioning

Air conditioning unit on a boat for sale in spainPerhaps the Dyson fan will work well in smaller boats, but Air conditioning with a reverse cycle heat setting will transform the pleasure of sailing when you can hook up to shore supply. Lots of Mediterranean Marinas do not charge for electricity. They see it as part of a package deal. So from the moment you arrive until you depart, you can keep the yacht chilled to a perfect temperature if you are in a marina. Just like heating, Air conditioning will transform your boating experience.

Factory Fitted Generator

Factory fitted generator boat for sale spainBefore you buy a yacht, you must know that ff you plan to spend a lot of time at anchor and are spicing up a new 15-metre-plus yacht, then a factory fit generator might be on your list of extras. It only made my list because I wanted to comment on the difference between fitting a low-cost aftersales unit and a proper factory-integrated unit. A Lot of research is needed if you are going down the generator installation route. In my experience, few companies can save money on a factory-installed unit.