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Sell your boat with the help of a yacht…


It is highly convenient to count on the collaboration of a yacht broker. yacht broker when you do not have the time or the dedication necessary to carry out the the sale of a boat.

If you do not wish to assume these responsibilities, the easiest way to do so is to contact a yacht broker to help you with the sale of your boat.

The yacht brokers focus on achieving a successful and satisfactory transaction for both parties, buyer and seller.

These specialists offer a wide range of services, from advice on setting the most appropriate price for your boat for sale, to complete administrative management.

It is common for yacht brokers specialize in a particular type of used boats, either by geographical area or by length.

How to sell your boat with the help of a yacht broker

Selling a boat can be a difficult and tedious task, especially if you have no experience in the industry. If you are short on time or prefer not to handle the sale of your boat directly, you can seek the help of a yacht broker to ensure that the process runs efficiently and successfully.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about how to sell a boat with the help of a yacht broker.
selling a boat with the help of a yacht broker.


What do yacht brokers do?

Yacht brokers are experts in the sale of boats, as they are dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of their boat owning clients. These intermediaries act on behalf of the seller and agree on a series of services and conditions in order to sell the vessel in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

In addition to advertising the boat so that it becomes known to many potential buyers, they are also in charge of conducting effective negotiations, eliminating obstacles that may arise in the sales process.

Its objective is to facilitate the sale and reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved.

How can a yacht broker help you sell your boat?

1- Helping you define the right price for your boat

To ensure a good sale, it is essential to define an appropriate selling price. By using the services of a broker, you can be sure that your boat will be properly valued in the market.

This is because the broker has access to confidential information, such as the actual selling prices of boats similar to yours, which are not available to the general public. Therefore, the broker is able to determine a fair and competitive price for your boat.

2- Advertising your boat in the most appropriate way

Your broker will prepare a plan to advertise your boat on the most visible portals, such as Yachtworld, Cosas de Barcos or TopBoats, among others.

The broker can recommend different methods of reaching potential buyers that go beyond online portals. Depending on the type of boat, he can suggest additional strategies to reach the right audience with your ad.

One of these strategies can be to send the advertisement to potential buyers by e-mail, in order to increase the chances of selling your boat. The broker’s main objective is to help you find the right buyers for your boat, using all available resources.

In our case, we publish on more than 20 specialized platforms:

3- Preparing the boat for sale

The broker can advise you on improvements you can make to make your boat more attractive to the market. He will assist you in identifying problems and offer solutions for both the maintenance and decoration of your boat.

In addition, he will be able to arrange for repairs and suggest finding a mooring or slipway to make the boat more accessible during the sales period.

4- Respond to inquiries from interested parties

The figure of the nautical broker is essential both to filter interested and curious people and to respond to the consultations of both, saving you time and avoiding false illusions.

It is important to distinguish between these two types of stakeholders because answering questions and providing detailed information can be a major effort. If you spend a lot of time answering questions from people who have no real intention of buying, you can waste valuable time and perhaps even lose a real sales opportunity.

This is where the fundamental role of the yacht broker comes into play. nautical broker. A good broker will know how to distinguish between the genuinely interested and the curious, and will be able to filter the inquiries so that you only have to deal with people who are genuinely interested in buying your boat.

In addition, the nautical brokers have in-depth technical knowledge of the vessels and can answer detailed and specific questions that other interested parties may not understand. This means that even if someone is genuinely interested in buying, a broker can handle most inquiries and leave you time to handle other important tasks related to the sale of your boat.

5 - Visits to the ship

The yacht broker offers a valuable service by taking care of ship visits with interested parties, saving you time and effort. When showing the boat, the broker will solve all the questions that may arise in the buyer, which is especially useful if you are not a boat expert and prefer to enjoy sailing.

Moreover, if the ship is far from your home, this service is even more valuable.

6- Manage all administrative aspects

A yacht broker can take care of all the formalities related to the sale, from inspections to sea trials, as it is common for buyers to request these measures in order to know the condition of the boat.

Problems may arise during testing and inspection, but an experienced broker knows how to handle the situation and achieve a fair and mutually beneficial negotiation. In addition, the broker’s intermediation can be key in the agreement between seller and buyer.

7- Transfer formalities and tax filings

A yacht broker has a thorough knowledge of the security legislation and documents required for the transfer of ownership of a boat, including title deeds, purchase and sale contracts, taxes and more.

In addition to being experts in selling boats, brokers also offer management services to help you through the whole process and make the end of the sale even more satisfying, especially if your time is limited or you don’t want to add more complications to your life.


Broker's services and commission

If you are looking for help in selling your boat, having a yacht broker can be an excellent option, as you can choose the level of service you want and their fees are set according to the type of service provided. These may be fixed or on a percentage basis, and are agreed prior to the commencement of the mediation, and are settled once the sale of the vessel is completed.

If you choose to sell your boat with the assistance of a nautical brokeryou will have an expert in the market who will transmit confidence to potential buyers.

You as the seller can decide which services you want to hire, such as whether you prefer the broker to show the boat or whether you will do it yourself. You can also opt for the broker to take care of the maintenance and cleaning of the boat for buyers’ visits.

In some cases, the broker may accept the boat as part payment for the purchase of a new one. You can also choose whether to agree the sale exclusively with one broker to pay a lower commission or to use several brokers.

The broker will require documentation proving ownership of the boat, its maintenance and any other relevant documents to ensure that the sale goes smoothly and without delays. If you do not have the necessary documentation, the broker can help you find the best solution for this type of inconvenience.

For more information about: documentation and taxes in the sale of a boat, please contact us.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has helped you to understand in more detail what our work consists of.

Have a great sailing, and see you on the high seas!

rob woodward senior yacht broker

Robert Woodward Senior Yacht Broker

The story of Robert Woodward

Rob sadly left us on 03.03.22 R.i.p.

Robert Woodward Senior Yacht Broker

¨I’m Rob Woodward, I work at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona. I’d like to talk to you today about becoming Yacht Broker or opening your own brokerage business by joining this Network Your Brokers cooperative. I’m going to explain how by pure chance I got into this amazing industry; perhaps my story will encourage some of you to have a go at fulfilling your dreams of working with boats and yachts. I started sailing in 1976 as a teenager crewing on the Sir Francis Drake, a 72 foot sale training yard owned by the ocean yacht club.  

I remember the adventure well, it was Drake’s maiden voyage and without doubt the highlight of that adventure was when we left the shelter of the Island of Man just as we came in the harbour entrance we were unceremoniously knocked flat by a huge gust of wind. No sooner than I glanced around the deck to see my friends dangling helplessly by the safety lines that beautiful yacht picked herself up and raced to Holyhead in just a few short hours. What an introduction to sailing that was and it’s fair to say that the thrill of that adventure spurred me on to even greater sailing adventures over the following 40 odd years.

It wasn’t until 1995 that I started sailing seriously. I quickly became determined to get every RYA qualification possible. In 1998 I began working for Conwy school of yachting as a yacht master instructor. I remember the pay was rubbish but I do recall with great fondness dashing to North Wales at weekends to meet each new crew then heading off to sea for them for a weekend or five days adventure. 

At the time I had a reasonably young family was lucky that my wife enjoyed the paycheck as much as my company at home. Things worked very well for a few years as I developed my sailing skills around the coast of the Irish Sea as I became even more hooked on a life by the sea, I convinced my wife to sell everything and move to Wales. We sold our home our businesses Stockport Cheshire and even put our boat on the market to raise a little extra cash.

The first summer slipped by; as I recall, it was Christmas we were in the pub with our friends enjoying the same school. I got talking to the local network your broker; one conversation led to another when he asked ¨would you be interested in buying the yacht brokerage business from me?¨ The following day I went to the brokers office in Conwy Marina and passed over a check for the agreed amount, it was that fast. 

Passed the deal was sharing network yacht brokers; at the time I didn’t attach any great value to this but then I didn’t know anything about becoming a Yacht Broker. My mind was already set and developing a decent marine engineering service for Conwy marine. I thought the brokerage would be a sideline that might add a little to our engineering service; how wrong I was. 

The first week of owning the brokerage business we sold our first motor boat. Comparing to engine compartments this was very easy, that was a great business. By 2007 our branch of Network Yacht Brokers had become a multi million pound company. It’s fair to say that considerable amounts of that business revolved around new boat sales; however we would not have been able to develop new boat sales had we not first established a solid brokerage. 

Due to the banking crash in 2008 new boat sales were swept off a cliff with most of the marine industry although the brokerage business in Conway acted as a parachute for us enabling a somewhat softer landing when we hit rock bottom. In 2012 the network yacht broker group chairman retired, I was asked to pick up the baton promising to grow the group. In 2016 I accepted an offer for my brokerage business in North Wales. The great thing was that the buyers wanted to stay in our network group. This sale allowed me once again to make a significant lifestyle change and move to Barcelona in Spain.

In early 2017 I opened a new Network Yacht Brokers office in Port Ginesta, Barcelona. Thanks to the dedication from my work colleague Chiara, we built a new brokerage business and already have a solid foundation to build on for the future. That’s my story so far. 

Let’s talk about how you can start in this industry; the good news is you don’t need any sailing qualifications perhaps you’ve simply owned a boat for a few years and want a lifestyle change, you’re the type of person who find it easy to become a yacht broker. We’ve developed a step-by-step strategy that will ease you into our industry our three-step policy revolves around online coaching while working with you to build a portfolio of boats you can sell.¨

Pirate ship for sale Barcelona

Pirate Ship for sale

Find a Pirate Ship For Sale? Sure, we have one!

Pirates were never more prevalent than in recent years, as we all followed Jonny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. One film storyline finds the winds of ill fortune blowing against Jack Sparrow when a deadly ghost pirate Captain Salazar and his mates escape the Devil’s Triangle. They have only one aim and are determined to kill every pirate at sea, including Captain Jack. The only hope for Jack Sparrow is if he is to survive lies in finding the legendary Trident of Poseidon. Not such a simple task? This powerful artefact bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas. Wow, compelling stuff! 

Pirate ship for sale Barcelona

We have an authentic replica of Pirate Ship at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona. 

Here are a few famous pirate ships. She is a fake made some years ago as a tourist attraction. 

What about real Pirates

You could not find a Pirate Ship For Sale anywhere in the day! They called it the “Golden Age of Piracy,” thousands of so-called pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, and scurvy sea dogs made a living by plundering all ships at sea. Romantic stories of pirates are many. The hard reality is that little has changed in the world. So-called pirates still exist and always will. Pirates will continue on land or at sea, taking from those with the possessions they want. 

Were Pirates honourable?

Pirate ship boat for sale in a marinaIt is fair to say Pirates did not disguise ships so much. Perhaps that was more honourable than how a modern-day Pirate can hide behind a computer in a remote location. The reality is the same a modern-day pirate has no interest in rules. They play the game of life to survive with no thought about the suffering of others in the same way barbaric pirates did hundreds of years ago. 

Historic Pirates such as Blackbeard, “Black Bart” Roberts, and Captain William Kidd became famous. Their names are synonymous with piracy. But what about the ships they used? Pirate ships became famous used by the men who sailed them.  

History records authentic Pirate Ships such as;

Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge

Pirate ship for sale below deckThe Queen Anne’s Revenge was a giant pirate ship commanded by Edward “Blackbeard” Teach for about one year in 1717. Initially, she was a French slaving vessel. Blackbeard captured her and made modifications. She became one of the most formidable pirate ships ever. She carried 40 cannons with enough room left for men and loot.

The Ultimate Pirate Ship 

Blackbeard often intimidates his victims into surrender. Fights were costly, so this was an economical solution. For months in 1717-18, Blackbeard used the Queen Anne’s Revenge to terrorise shipping in the Atlantic. Blackbeard’s victims rarely put up a fight and handed over their cargoes peacefully between the massive frigate and his fearsome appearance and reputation. He plundered several shipping lanes at will. Unable to defend themselves, Blackbeard was able to blockade the port of Charleston for a whole week in April 1718. He plundered and looted several ships. Eventually, the town gave him a valuable chest of medicines to make him disappear.

Bartholomew Roberts’ Royal Fortune 

Wheel Pirate ship for sale BarcelonaBartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts was probably one of the most successful pirates, looting hundreds of ships over three years. He had several flagships during this time. The largest of them was the Royal Fortune. She was a 40-cannon behemoth with a crew of 157 men. The Royal Fortune could slug it out with any Navy ship. Roberts was aboard this ​when he was killed in battle against the Swallow in February 1722.

Sam Bellamy’s Whydah 

In February 1717, the pirate Sam Bellamy captured the Whydah (or Gally). She was a prominent British ship used to transport enslaved people. Bellamy could mount 28 cannons on her and terrorised Atlantic shipping lanes briefly. However, the pirate Whydah did not last long: it was caught up in a horrendous storm off Cape Cod in April 1717, barely two months after Bellamy first captured her. The wreck of the Whydah was discovered in 1984, and thousands of artefacts have been recovered, including the ship’s bell. The ship’s artefacts are on display in a museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

If the pirate ships above are unattractive, why not charter your pirate ship? You can hoist the jolly Rodger on any yacht, and you will become a pirate (the kids love it). Why not go out and charter in the Caribbean? Then you will become a real pirate of the Caribbean. (any of the charter companies does not provide plastic swords and guns or the jolly roger flag)

Retractable Bow thruster boat for Sale

What you need to know before you buy a…

Expensive Extras that are worth paying for

My top ten list of optional extras will add value to a yacht on the used market; here are tips you need to know before you buy a yacht. Some upgrades are expensive but not generally considered essential to a used yacht buyer. See my post before buying a yacht three for expensive factory-fit extras with little value in the used yacht market.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Arch Boats For sale Spain

As solar and electronic boating equipment becomes more efficient, enhancing the sun’s power when at sea enables more freedom. Sailors love freedom, so solar panels are undoubtedly close to the top of my list of things that enhance the value of a used yacht.

Bow Thruster

Bow thruster on a boat for sale Spain before you buy a yacht

Acquiring manoeuvering skills for a good size yacht, especially around a tiny harbour or marina, takes time. Even a well-practised skipper is glad of a button to press in a time of need. The reality is that unless you move boats regularly, even professional skippers can have difficulties.


Assortment of components boat for sale SpainA modern-quality autopilot is worth its weight in gold (as they say). If you are sailing short-handed, then it is almost essential on a reasonable-size fin keel yacht. I can argue an exception if you sail a long-keel yacht. It is possible to set sails, add a little weather helm and keep on trucking(as they say). Locking the helm will require navigational input over time, but it’s great fun!

Chart Plotter Combined Radar

Chart Plotter Yacht For sale spain

Once upon a time, as plotters became more graphic, skippers would have two plotters, one at the nav table and one on deck. The reality is that little from most leisure sailing is spent below in the chart table. Plotters have become more prominent, brighter and weather resistant, so using them as a glorified sat-nav makes sense. When approaching an unfamiliar harbour, it is very reassuring to glance at the plotter and see your position from a different perspective. Unfortunately, navigation equipment is updated so fast that I would only buy a plotter catered to my needs. I would not spend additional money buying anything electronic because I thought it would enhance the value of my yacht. Next season, a new owner will want to update the latest gadgets.

Electric Winch

Electric winch on a yacht in Spain

One electric winch on the coachroof is enough for most people. It will save you lots of work grinding up or pulling both the main. You can also use it to hoist a buddy, rig up a pully, and recover a dingy or person. One can find all manner of uses for an electric winch on the coach roof. I do not see a need for an electric winch on any yacht smaller than 13 metres.

Folding Propellor

before you buy a yachtI selected reverse when sailing for years to save wear and tear on my yacht gearbox. They said that the components inside the gearbox are fixed and wearing (sounds reasonable) because the prop stops spinning. They also say that a fixed propellor creates less drag than a free-spinning prop (no idea about that). Then I met some people who sailed the Atlantic having to replace a gearbox on a reasonably modern yacht. Selecting reverse to lock the propellor over long periods puts a strain on the gearbox clutch that can cause It to wear out (wow, I never knew that). The solution, if you are concerned, is a folding propellor. It’s a lovely thing to have, and a buyer for your yacht will be happy you invested money in one.

Fresh Water-cooled Engine

Fresh Water Cooled Engine Volvo penta

This one is worth another post. If I had a choice, I would pay a little more for a new water-cooled engine. Link to a post on the subject to follow


Boat Heating

Boat Heating on a boat for sale in Spain

Boats in northern climates can be damp smelly places. A boat heater will not only keep you toasty warm in the evenings. It will drive out dampness and protect your investment.



Air Conditioning

Air conditioning unit on a boat for sale in spainPerhaps the Dyson fan will work well in smaller boats, but Air conditioning with a reverse cycle heat setting will transform the pleasure of sailing when you can hook up to shore supply. Lots of Mediterranean Marinas do not charge for electricity. They see it as part of a package deal. So from the moment you arrive until you depart, you can keep the yacht chilled to a perfect temperature if you are in a marina. Just like heating, Air conditioning will transform your boating experience.

Factory Fitted Generator

Factory fitted generator boat for sale spainBefore you buy a yacht, you must know that ff you plan to spend a lot of time at anchor and are spicing up a new 15-metre-plus yacht, then a factory fit generator might be on your list of extras. It only made my list because I wanted to comment on the difference between fitting a low-cost aftersales unit and a proper factory-integrated unit. A Lot of research is needed if you are going down the generator installation route. In my experience, few companies can save money on a factory-installed unit.


Amel Super Maramu

Yachts That Sell Fast

Sell a Yacht Fast

Pirate ship boat for sale in a marina Yachts That Sell FastClients often ask me about how quickly a yacht might take to sell. This is a very sensible question but rather complex to answer. However, I can first answer by comparing yachts against powerboats.

In Spain, compared to powerboats, all yachts sell very fast!

Then it starts to get complex. A clue to the difficulty in giving a general answer is found in my answer above (in Spain). To be more precise, along the east coast of Spain near Barcelona, the used yacht market is very buoyant.

Being part of Network Yacht Brokers gives me an insight into European and UK sales. Interestingly some locations are dominated by powerboat sales. It all comes down to the sort of cruising waters you have. A local market does not necessarily drive this. 

People looking for a boat generally look in places where they discover the right sort of boat.

For example, a sailing boat is no good if you don’t have any wind. Some parts of Spain lack decent wind, so powerboat sales dominate.

Boat buyers might have narrowed their search to discover a place with more of the type of boat they are looking for.

jeanneau yachts factory Yachts That Sell FastLet me explain the thinking behind the statement above. For example, let’s take the Hamble in the UK. This is a place where buyers can find every type of boat. However, if I was interested in buying a racing yacht, the Hamble in England might be a good starting point to investigate racing yachts. The Hamble is the centre of the UK Marine industry and where many companies support sailing as a sport. On the other hand, if I was looking to purchase a superyacht, I might contact Yach Brokers along the southern French coast in or around Monaco.

International Boat Buyers

Shortly after moving from the UK to Barcelona in Spain, we opened a brokerage office in Port Ginesta, close to Barcelona International Airport. Thirty years in the industry and more than twenty years as a Yacht Broker led me to believe Barcelona was a place that had lots of boats for me to sell.

American FlagWe hadn’t been open for business long in Spain when an enquiry came in from North America. I was fascinated by a young Canadian couple’s mindset. They inquired about a 15-metre sailing yacht we had just put for sale on brokerage in Barcelona. They planned to fly to Barcelona (they said it looked like an easy place to get to with lots of boats). They would buy a one-way ticket and sail the yacht back to Canada after first learning to sail in the Mediterranean, where sailing was easy. Wow, the logic was astonishing. Look at the Globe and the Mediterainina was nothing more than a big lake. Plenty of places to visit. Perhaps they would spend a summer in Europe before crossing the ocean. Put that way, It sounds fantastic!

You might think the above was unusual. We sold two 15-metre yachts of the same brand that year that went to Canada. Several buyers came from America, Mexico, and Venezuela. We get many enquiries from Australia where individuals have similar ideas. If you sell a globetrotting yacht in Northern Europe, Barcelona is the place to take it.

What is the fastest-selling used boat brand? Yachts That Sell Fast

Amel Yacht Table with boles Port Ginesta Yachts That Sell Fast
Amel yacht gimballed soup bowl.

I believe “Amel”  is the fastest-selling used boat brand”. Perhaps you thought I would say Bavaria, Jeanneau or Beneteau? Indeed they sell in large numbers, but buyers have thousands of yachts to choose from, so competition for an individual boat sale is intense.

In 2021 we are discovering that some Globetrotting brands, such as Amel, have increased in value. The global pandemic hit factory production in 2020, and sailboats became more difficult to find in the second-hand market. Perhaps more people are looking to escape the humdrum of everyday life and take to the sea. As a yacht broker in Barcelona, Spain, we have yachts that have seen sales increase again this year. Perhaps it’s time for you to think about a sailing adventure.

Visit our post: Before buying a yacht, visit the About Us page.


Fjord III German Frers

Before You buy a Yacht

I am choosing a Yacht to buy.

The choice of yachts in a yard Before You buy a Yacht
So Many Keel Shape And Hull Shapes

This is a big subject. I have been in the industry for almost 30 years. I have acquired lots of knowledge that I am happy to pass on to you. You will make your own decision about what Yacht to buy. I hope the information helps you make the right decision before you buy a Yacht.

Having sailed in many parts of the world, I am a very experienced sailor. I have never crossed an ocean under sail and do not wish to do so.

Before You Buy A Yacht

modern yacht keels Before You buy a Yacht
Modern Hull And Keel Shapes

Ask yourself this question. What sort of sailing am I going to do? You could ask how long a piece of string is, or I haven’t decided yet.

If you are at that point in an adventure to get into boating, this is an excellent place for me to make my first statement.  Let’s start with one of my golden rules.

Never buy a boat that you cannot sell quickly (unless doing so is part of a master plan). See my post, “yachts that sell fast”.

A lucky few, who do not need to count the cost of a yacht, may buy a classic yacht, spending thousands, even millions restoring it and perhaps reconstructing a classic yacht using ultra-modern techniques.  I understand that mindset. Sorry, this blog is incomplete for you, but I can chat about such a project.

For the rest of us, a balance of hard-earned cash and a desire to buy the biggest Yacht within a budget will likely be a primary consideration when buying a yacht. In the following posts, I will explain the advantages of different yachts in simple terms. I aim to help you avoid buying the wrong Yacht.

Hull shapes

Long keel 

Fjord III German Frers
Classic Yacht Long Keel

Ask a schoolboy to draw the shape of a yacht out of the water. He will probably produce a drawing of a Classic Long Keel Yacht. They have a beautiful shape, solid and solid, but they are expensive to produce.

An adequately proportioned long keel yacht is a dream to sail in a straight line. She will be a wet ride as she cuts through the waves. Occasionally, in the short sea, she will take a wave the length of her deck. Set the sails correctly, though, and you are unlikely ever to feel worried about the wind and sea power. A long keel yacht is designed to go in a straight line for hundreds of miles; she will do this very well—practically a go-anywhere time,e yacht. If you are considering a liveaboard, this type of yacht shape should be on your radar.

Disadvantages of a long keel

Not the best keel shape if you are thinking of sailing in confined waters. You might need to back the jib in light winds to speed up a tack. This is fun at first but becomes tiresome as an everyday routine. If you miss the tack in confined waters and are in a rocky place or on a falling tide, then you might get into trouble. As a comparison, a modern fin keel yacht will tack effortlessly with virtually no wind, provided she is moving in the water.

Long keel a lovely shape
Safe in a Long Keel Yacht

I remember my many attempts to tackle the Menai Strait in North Wales on our first proper Yacht (my first boating love). She was a long keel ketch called Kuan Yin. I could quickly write a book based on the pleasure she gave my family and me. We had many adventures in the Irish Sea for several years. Only our inexperience occasionally puts us in danger. Kuan Yin never let us down.  I would love to know how she is now, almost twenty-five years after I sold her (I still feel the pain).

Long Keel Summary,

If you buy a long keel yacht, You will have a tricky boat to sail. A long keel hull shape will appeal to an individual who wants to live aboard or sail in all weather. She will provide you with a strong and stable platform. Unfortunately, a long keel yacht is slow compared to a modern fin and skeg or fin and spade hull shape yacht. Indeed, a long keel yacht is not easy to sail single-handedly. Perhaps not the best-suited Yacht for a small marina where you might need to reverse into a berth. A long keel yacht will not go backwards in a straight line.

Fin and Rudder Skeg

Spade rudder with skeg
Spade with Skeg supporting the rudder

A superb balance between a lightweight fin and a long keel. An encapsulated fin keel combines the strength of a long keel, offering rudder protection if combined with a skeg. Generally, if a rudder, this Yacht is most likely considered a globetrotter skeg design and includes an encapsulated fin keel, this Yachtthe wet ride you get with a long keel yacht, as she will not be as heavy. She will not be designed to sit on the surface; therefore is unlikely to slam when in short seas.



Disadvantages of a fin and skeg

Expensive to build and generally not as fast as a fin and spade rudder hull shape through the water.

Fin and Skeg Summary (encapsulated fin-keel).

Some of the best globetrotting yachts are designed around the Fin and Skeg profile. Amel is only one of the fantastic yacht manufacturers that comes to mind when thinking about superb sailing yachts. Quite simplyIf type of Yacht will circumnavigate the globe many times without stopping for a breath!

Fin Keel Yacht with Spade Rudder

Thousands of Fin and Spade Rudder Yachts came off a boat production line in the last twenty years. With no sign of slowing production, this configuration makes a high-speed yacht compared to conventional modern yacht keelshull shapes. Most fin and spade rudder yachts have a bolted-on keel. A bolt-on configuration is comparatively cheap to produce, and it’s fair to say this has revolutionised yachting over the last twenty-five years.

The computer-aided hull design also helps acquire a more incredible downwind speed. Hull shapes have evolved in recent years, resulting in much wider cockpits. The simple yet brilliant idea of installing a twin helm has further enabled the shape of a modern yacht to change over the years. A widening hull stern makes a yacht much more buoyant, making it an even faster boat. Conventional racing yachts generally go for a fin and spade keel set-up.

Disadvantages of a bolted-on keel

Severe damage to a hull can happen if an underwater collision between a bolted-on keel and a solid object occurs. You might get away with no damage if you get a can gradually sloping sandbank, but if you hit a rock at some speed, you run the risk of risk Yacht. Fin keel yachts cross the oceans without problems, but accidents have happened where objects have been struck far out to sea, causing severe problems. An underwater collision can seriously damage any yacht.


Pirate ship boat for sale in a marina

Selling Your Boat in Port Ginesta

Selling Your Boat in Port Ginesta

Sell your boat
Sell your boat in Port Ginesta

Do you have a boat for sale in Port Ginesta Marina Barcelona or anywhere in Spain? Perhaps with the Covid Pandemic, you haven’t been able to visit for some time? If you think buyers are not out in force now, you are wrong. We have lots of buyers for Motor Boats and Yachts in all price ranges.

Boats for Sale Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

The market

Buyers are out in force and are busy looking for a boat for sale in Port Ginesta and have been through the winter months. Most buyers are Spanish and Northern Europeans. We haven’t seen the Brits on the scene for some time, possibly due to Brexit. There is considerable uncertainty surrounding the VAT status of boats and yachts imported and exported from the UK.

What is happening to the VAT

When posting this, the news is not very clear about VAT changes to boats and yachts. It would appear that the UK-registered boats will be treated the same as boats outside the EU and will not be unfairly penalised if they stay in Europe. Travel rules are clear for boats leaving the EU and coming back. For more information about changes in VAT rules, please get in touch with us in Port Ginesta. 

Flag registration

Free Valuation 

Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona offers a free boat valuation service. We also operate a no-sale no-fee Wheel Pirate ship for sale Barcelonabrokerage. Generally, yacht values have increased during the last six months. This is not the case for vessels that have not been maintained. Buyers want to see service history more than anything, so if you’re asking for the top-price boat, please ensure maintenance is up to date, and then you stand a good chance of selling.

Boats that have not seen owners for twelve months will be marked down slightly if not lifted out for service. The yard in Port Ginesta has been tranquil in recent months, no doubt, because owners cannot travel. Either the situation will remain the same, or the yard will become oversubscribed during February and March. Either way, call our office if you are considering selling or need maintenance. We will be happy to arrange this for you. 

More details and local information is available from Chiara at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona.


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vender barcos en barcelona españa

Solving a wet bilge on my boat

Solving a wet bilge mystery

If you have water in the bilge of your yacht and cannot find the source, my blog might help you locate your problem.

Jeanneau 43 Yacht Exhaust problemMany years ago, we took a beautiful Jeanneau 43 DS Yacht in exchange for a new Jeanneau 47 Ds. The 43 was in Palma Majorca, Spain. Part of the deal being we collected the PX and shipped it back to the base in North Wales. The deal was done, so we flew to Mallorca to collect the yacht. We sailed her back to Northern Spain, where she was collected by truck and delivered to the UK.

An irritating problem was discovered on the passage from Mallorca to the Spanish mainland. I questioned the old owner about the occasional running of the auto bilge pump during our passage to Spain. He said, “I have never been able to find out why that happens. She lets a little water into the bilge whenever I use the boat; the dealer who sold me the boat did try to fix it but said it was normal”!

A part-exchange deal on the yacht had already been done at this stage, so we accepted the 43 Ds without concerns believing we could easily find the problem. My engineers felt sure the hot water tank pressure release valve was faulty.

The nightmare began

As it happens, I decided to keep the 43DS Yacht for one season. Business was good, and she was such a beautiful sailing boat. It seemed a shame not to encourage my family to enjoy sailing a little. I decided to monitor the wet bilge to see if I could find out why it was always wet. It drove me nuts for weeks. The hot water tank was not to blame (that would be far too easy).

My excuse for not finding seacocks 43 ds jeanneauthe fault more quickly was leaving the marina. It was impossible not to motor against a strong incoming tide until fifteen minutes after leaving the berth. One might motor for half an hour on a bad day until sufficient water was under the keel, allowing the engine to be extinguished. My point is the engine was always running, so it was difficult to isolate the problem. The strange thing was that when the yacht sat for extended periods, the bilge stayed bone dry.

I decided to lift the yacht as a matter of good practice. We changed all the seacocks, deep-sea shaft seal and cutlass bearing. Disappointingly none of that made the slightest difference. When the engine ran every several minutes, we noticed a drop of water that appeared to be coming from under the engine and then ran along to the bilge pump located forward of midships.

The water ingress was annoyingly shaft seal jeanneau yachtlittle, but I had to find the cause. Another conversation with the old owner confirmed my suspicions that this problem had been around since the yacht was built. I had paperwork evidence that the flexy exhaust system had been changed under warranty. This had not resolved the issue.

Time to dig deep

We removed a section of the floor in front of the engine to expose the hull. Sure enough, when the engine was run above 2000 rpm, a small trickle of water occasionally appeared running along the inside of the hull towards the bilge. We were sure it was an exhaust issue but could not see any problems.

On the Jeanneau 43Ds, a stainless steel silencer box fits like a cassette under the engine. This exhaust Hidden silencer box 43 DS Yachtsilencer is not visible without removing even more floor sections, and what a job that was! Not convinced it was leaking, eventually, we decided to remove it to examine the underside of the engine. It’s not an easy job to get it out, but finally, out she came. Absolutely nothing to see!

Undeterred, we pressurised this sturdy-looking component only to find a pinhole in one of the stainless welds that gave up its secret. A fault from day one! We got it!!

A retrospective warranty claim

They paid for our labour to remove and refit after re-welding a conversation with Jeanneau. Problem solved.

Jeanneau 43 DS Yacht Exhaust on pontoonNow we get to the point of telling you this story. As it happens, the mystery was not confined to our yacht. I helped another dealer who was having a nightmare with a client. The same sort of problem, a tiny leak, but not when the yacht sat idle, so it was tough to diagnose the problem.

Anyone would not want to take the floor out of a yacht without concrete evidence that doing so would resolve the problem. Not everybody realises that such a significant component sits hidden under the engine compartment, concealed in a box section inside the hull stringers.

Now you all know.

If you found my blog interesting, have a look t my opinion on the Deisel bug issue causing more engine problems than any other individual engine fault in the marine industry.  

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Yacht Brokers

Yacht Broker Job

My experience (Rob Woodward)

Become a Yacht Broker. It all started for me over thirty years ago, launching my 21-foot Coribee Yacht called “Banana Split” for the first time, messing about and then being horrified during recovery. It fell off the trailer! Shortly after this low point, my hobby became an obsession and a profession.

Join us to become a Yacht Broker.

I got my second Yacht, “Kuan Yin”, a 36-foot sailing ketch. Owning a bigger boat than a daysailer, I felt the scale of responsibility shift from forgivable and expected to the stuff of nightmares. Mistakes were going to be expensive! I realised quickly I needed help and knowledge. So, I set about getting every boating qualification I could. Circumstances fell into place (as once in a lifetime they do for a lucky few). I was allowed almost unrestricted access to my daily drug of boats and boating. I was finally selling everything to buy a Yacht Broker’s business. This was only the start of my Yacht Brokers’ life.

Five years of experience around boats is enough.

Lots of trades have an established path that delivers the ultimate goal. The Marine industry does not offer a set path to becoming a Yacht Broker. However, five years of working around boats and then learning to become a Yacht Broker is a standard route.

The most obvious candidates to slip into a job as a Yacht Broker will be ex-charter skippers or Super-yacht crews. Besides, understanding boats, skippers and crew will have mixed with people who bought a boat or might be considering buying one. Nothing strange about people who buy boats and yachts, but they are more likely to be engaged in an exciting conversation with a Broker who has boating experience. If you are a boat owner with sales experience, transferring your skills to become a yacht broker is easy, just so long as an established Brokerage supports you while you learn the trade.

Happy customers

Boat buyers don’t need to share all the circumstances of how they became lucky to afford such a luxury as a boat or yacht. Therefore, a Yacht Broker does not need to sell the idea of buying a boat to a client.

Boats for sale in Barcelona

A broker’s primary job involves sitting between two parties, getting to a deal and ensuring fair play between buyer and seller to the best of his ability. It’s the seller that pays the Brokers fee. However, the Broker is very aware when the old owner has gone; the Broker is left supporting the buyer.

Our testimonials page

Selling in a more traditional sense occurs when a new boat is sold (the subject of a future blog). It is indeed subtly different from a Yacht broker’s job.

Working for yourself as a Broker

Generally, unless you are part of a more prominent organisation that supports you through tough times, Simply starting as an independent  Broker will not work. Building up a portfolio of boats that will sustain your overheads is almost impossible. If you can fund three to four years in a Great location, you might be able to build a Yacht Brokerage business. In my opinion, anyone selling a franchise operation where you don’t own a stake in that business will always be the winner, and you will be nothing more than a tool that helps the franchise grow.

Sell your boat with us.

Joining a Cooperative offers the benefits of a large organisation. All the rewards of your hard work as an individual business stay with you. Helping us all to build the brand has significant advantages in the future. Existing Network Yacht Brokers businesses have been sold to new owners wanting to enter the industry. The right to sell an existing licence to operate as a Network Yacht Broker is a fundamental principle of the Group. We also allow some selected partner companies to grow a brokerage using the Group brand as part of their business, provided they follow basic brand guidelines.

How I Became a Yacht Broker, follow this link to a video. 

Is it a young man’s game? Become a Yacht Broker

Of all the mistakes I made, becoming a Yacht Broker was not one of them. As a mature person, I have life skills that I can pass on to the next generation. My customers tend to be similar to me, although I notice they are getting younger, which is odd. When I started as a Broker, my clients were much older than me. Anyway, I will work that one out when I retire… haha.

The point is you can become a Yacht Broker at any age. Essential qualifications are a passion for boats and a love of people. Honesty will sustain your career. Getting that first break is tough. My advice is, “Never Give Up”! I have trained plenty of young Brokers, who became my friends.

February 2021, if you want info about Jobs in our Group, please get in touch with us. I note that several companies are currently advertising a Yacht Broker Job. Perhaps you are thinking of setting up a business as a Yacht Broker? Talk to me; many opportunities exist in Medditerrainain if you fancy setting up your own company.

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Postes d'amarrage Port Ginesta

Boat for Sale Barcelona

We have boats for sale at Network Yacht Brokers waiting for you.

This post by Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona will bring you up to speed with last season’s events and offer a personal perspective on the current boats for sale Spanish Yacht and Boat market.

Covid restrictions during 2020.lovely sunset barcelona 55 Boats for Sale

Despite steady boat buyers, we have seen fewer international boat owners this year. Some people have been brave and relied on our walk-around detailed video before making a final buying offer. Others have ignored travel advice and found a way to get to Spain. Interesting to note that Spanish buyers have been out in force looking at boats for sale this year despite the pandemic.

Boat for sale in Barcelona.

When travel restrictions get lifted, we are in a unique geographical position. Our buyers will once again travel the globe to visit Barcelona. We sold some boats that left for America, and it is worth noting that we expect to open our first Network Yacht Brokers office in the USA very soon.

It certainly seems that where there is a boat for sale, a buyer will find it thanks to our incredible marketing system. That same system has been the focal point of considerable interest across the water. I will keep you posted as things develop.

New Network Yacht Brokers Offices.

Despite Covid, our Group has grown. In one year, we opened six new Network Yacht Brokers offices. The offices are in Dover Kent, Gosport, Portsmouth, Bristol, Cows Isle of White, and East Anglia. By pushing forward with our plans to expand our Group, we will bring you the best boats and yachts for sale from around Europe. Our appeal goes out to an international boat buyers market.

Sophisticated marketing tools sell boats.

Once upon a time, we would gather and plan three months of magazine advertising. We were always rushing to get photographs developed and sent to publishers. That was almost thirty-five years ago when “boats for sale” could be a shipwreck. We still sell old boats, and some need lots of refurbishment, but GRP has generally taken over the leisure markets.

Don’t misunderstand. Aluminium and Steel will always have a place in marine applications but are becoming even more expensive to construct and less prevalent in the marketplace.

Whatever material it’s made from, we will find a buyer If you have a “boat for sale” on our system. A boat placed on our sale system is exported automatically to multiple specialist web platforms. Buyers travel worldwide to visit our boats safely in the Knowledge that our Brokers are professional and operate from within marina locations. Our sophisticated computerised sharing system allows our brokers to reach all parts of the globe. A buyer can find it advertised within a few hours of listing a boat or yacht for sale.

It is a point to remember that no matter how sophisticated systems are, real people sell boats and can never be replaced.

Barcelona a Great City to visit

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