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mantenimiento integral velero

Discover the Impact of Comprehensive Maintenance on the Success…

mantenimiento integral del barco

In the exciting world of sailboats, some stories transcend sailing and become
uential adventures full of
adventures full of emotion and overcoming. Such is the case of Colin and Michael, two Australian Navy retirees, and their sailboat Nessaru. This is an epic story that illustrates the true spirit of sailing and highlights the importance of comprehensive ship maintenance.

An Extraordinary Maritime Adventure

Colin and Michael, eager for one last great maritime adventure, set out to take their beloved sailboat Nessaru from Barcelona to Australia through the iconic Panama Canal.

To make this monumental voyage, they needed a sailing vessel in optimal and reliable condition. This is where our history and our vital contribution as experts in comprehensive boat maintenance and boat sales begins.

Expert Advice and Purchase of the Sailboat

From the moment Colin and Michael walked into our office in Port Ginesta, we knew we were in for an exceptional adventure. Our team of specialists helped them select the Jeanneau Sun Charm 39, a boat with its own history of sailing and adventure.

After a quick and efficient transaction, Colin and Michael became the proud owners of Nessaru, ready to embark on their transoceanic voyage.

Comprehensive Maintenance: Key to a Safe Journey

Before sailing, there was a lot of work to be done. We take care of all the necessary improvements to the boat to ensure its performance and safety at sea.

Here we break down in detail every aspect of the comprehensive ship maintenance we implemented to ensure that Nessaru was in the best possible condition:

1. Checking of the Rigging and the Anti-Rotation Hood

The rigging, consisting of the ropes and cables that support the mast, is crucial to the stability and maneuverability of the sailboat. We evaluated each component to ensure that there was no wear or damage that could compromise safety.

The sprayhood, essential to protect the cockpit from splashes and adverse conditions, did not exist on this boat, so we have taken care of its manufacture and complete installation .

mantenimiento integral de los barcos
mantenimiento integral de los barcos

2. Installation of a New Trans-oceanic Autopilot

Navigating long distances without a reliable autopilot can be exhausting. We install a state-of-the-art state-of-the-art autopilot, designed specifically for transoceanic voyages.

Allowing Colin and Michael to benefit from a more relaxed and safer sailing experience, with the peace of mind of knowing that the system can handle a variety of sea conditions.

3. Liferaft Revision and Mainsail Reinforcement

Safety is our top priority. The life raft underwent a complete overhaul to ensure it was ready for any emergency.

Additionally, we reinforced the mainsail to withstand the high winds and extreme conditions that could be encountered at sea. This reinforcement is essential
to maintain the structural integrity of the sailboat during the voyage.

4. Engine and Fuel Tank Maintenance

The engine is the heart of any sailboat in terms of auxiliary propulsion and safety. We performed a thorough overhaul of the engine, making sure that all components were in perfect condition.

We also clean and check the diesel tank to avoid fuel problems, guaranteeing a clean and uninterrupted supply.

5. Change of All Bottom Taps

Bottom taps are critical points in a ship’s structure, allowing water to flow in and out for various systems. We replaced all the Nessaru’s bottom taps to ensure their optimal
ensure their optimal functioning
and prevent any possible infiltration that could jeopardize the safety of the boat.

mantenimiento integral de los barcos
mantenimiento integral de los barcos

6. Total painting of the hull

The hull had some osmosis bubbles that needed to be treated, so we had to sand and paint the entire hull.

The work performed was as follows:

  • Remove the current paint up to the gelcoat, repairing as many bubbles as possible.
  • Apply a coat of epoxy resin.
  • Apply epoxy putty 830 on all treated areas.
  • Sand the putty and repair the flaws with more epoxy putty.
  • Apply three coats of epoxy primer.
  • Treat the keel by removing all existing material and apply seven coats of epoxy primer.
  • Apply two coats of international antifouling.
  • Hull polishing.
  • Remove vinyl from waterlines and hull trim.
  • Sand and paint the profile, applying three coats of finishing paint.
mantenimiento integral de los barcos
mantenimiento integral de los barcos

The Importance of Integral Ship Maintenance

Comprehensive boat maintenance is not just a matter of periodic repair and overhaul; it is a continuous process that ensures the safety, efficiency and longevity of the vessel.

Here we explain some key benefits of comprehensive boat maintenance:

> Safety on the High Seas

Safety is the main benefit of comprehensive maintenance. A well-maintained vessel is less exposed to mechanical and structural failures, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Every system on the boat, from the engine to the sails, must be in perfect condition to ensure safe navigation.

> Optimum Performance

A properly maintained sailboat runs more efficiently. This translates into better performance in terms of speed, maneuverability and fuel consumption.
This translates into improved performance in terms of speed, maneuverability and fuel consumption.

Periodic upgrades and overhauls ensure that every component of the vessel is performing to the best of its ability.

> Vessel Longevity

Comprehensive maintenance prolongs the life of the boat. By addressing small problems before they become major failures, the investment made in the vessel is protected .

This includes preventing corrosion, wear and other damage that can occur over time.

> Long-Term Economic Savings

Although it may seem costly in the short term, comprehensive ship maintenance results in significant long-term savings.
significant savings in the long term.

Prevents the need for costly and extensive repairs that can arise from negligence. In addition, a well-maintained boat retains its resale value better than one that has not received the same level of attention.

mantenimiento integral de los barcos
mantenimiento integral de los barcos

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our team worked with dedication and professionalism to complete all improvements quickly and efficiently.

The priority was to ensure that Colin and Michael could
their adventure without any worries.
. Nessaru’s departure from Port Ginesta was an exciting moment, full of good wishes and dreams to be fulfilled.

A Testimonial of Confidence and Satisfaction

Accompanying Colin and Michael through this exciting stage of their lives was a rewarding experience. Your satisfaction and confidence in our work are the best recognition of our commitment to excellence in nautical service.

This project is a testament to the importance
importance of comprehensive boat maintenance and how it can
and how it can transform a voyage into a safe and memorable experience.

Colin and Michael left us a very detailed and appreciative review on Google. Here we translate it to share your experience with us:

“My colleague and I are retired Australian naval officers, and in 2023 we made a plan to buy a yacht in Europe and sail it back to Australia.

In August 2023, we traveled to Barcelona, where we purchased a 1990 Jeanneau Sun Charm 39, through
Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona
. Chiara Campagnaro, the Director of NYBB, and Òscar Rius were extremely helpful with the arrangements to view the boat, with the negotiations with the seller, and subsequently with the inspection and sales contract.

When we saw the yacht, it was clean and obviously well maintained, with a great layout and a bright and airy interior. However, given her age, we realized that she would need work to bring her up to the standard required for a crossing across the Atlantic and Pacific.

After returning to Australia, we engaged Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona as project managers to oversee a number of major works, including the replacement of the rigging and a complete hull refit.

They also received several packages, including nautical charts and a new Genoa, which were sent by courier to Spain. Throughout this process, Chiara and Òscar kept us fully informed with progress reports supported by many photos.

We return to Spain in March 2023 with the intention of embarking on our voyage in early April, weather permitting. Without the support of Chiara and Òscar, it is hard to imagine how all this would have been possible. We are indebted to them for making this happen.”

mantenimiento integral velero

Tips for Integral Boat Maintenance

For those who are considering embarking on a similar voyage, or simply wish to keep their boat in top condition, here are some useful tips for comprehensive boat maintenance:

Performing regular inspections of all ship systems is crucial. This includes the hull, rigging, engine, electrical and plumbing systems, among others. Periodic checks help to identify and fix problems before they become serious failures.

Keeping the boat clean is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of protection. Salt and other elements can cause corrosion and other damage. It is important to clean the boat regularly and apply protective products to preserve the materials.

Maintain a
detailed record
of all maintenance activities is essential. This includes repairs, replacements and improvements made. A detailed log makes it easier to keep track of maintenance needs and can be useful for future owners.

Using high quality products and components for maintenance and repairs ensures greater durability and performance. This is especially important for critical ship systems such as the engine and rigging.

Having the advice of experts in integral boat maintenance is a valuable investment. Professionals can provide expert insight and perform work that requires specialized skills, ensuring that the vessel is always in the best possible condition.

The Nessaru Crossing

Nessaru’s departure from Port Ginesta was a moment of great excitement and anticipation. Equipped with a sailboat in top condition thanks to our comprehensive maintenance work, Colin and Michael embarked on their voyage with confidence and security.

Throughout the journey, they faced diverse weather conditions and challenges, but their preparation and
the impeccable condition of Nessaru
enabled them to sail successfully.

The success of their voyage is a testament to the positive impact that comprehensive ship maintenance can have. It’s not just about preventing problems, it’s about ensuring that every trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Colin and Michael, with their sailboat Nessaru, are an inspiring example of how proper preparation and maintenance can transform an adventure into an unforgettable experience.

mantenimiento integral de los barcos
mantenimiento integral de los barcos


Comprehensive boat maintenance is an essential practice for any boat owner who wishes to ensure the safety, efficiency and longevity of their sailboat. Our experience with the Jeanneau Sun Charm 39 “Nessaru” and its owners Colin and Michael underlines the importance of these services. Thanks to our commitment to excellence and detail, we were able to help them realize their dream of sailing from Europe to Australia safely and successfully.

If you want to follow Colin and Michael’s exciting voyage aboard Nessaru, we invite you to visit their blog at https://www.sailblogs.com/member/nessaru/#top.

Thank you for being part of this amazing sailing adventure!
hanse 575 caso de exito

Sales Experience in Record Time: The Case of the…

Venta en Tiempo Récord, Hanse 575 en 5 Meses

Every transaction is a unique story and today, we are pleased to share with you an exciting success story.

success story

(Hanse 575) . This case highlights our dedication, expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Explore the exciting world of yacht brokerage with us!

Sale in Record Time, Hanse 575 in 5 Months

Five months ago, we were privileged to receive in our inventory a stunning Hanse 575: a true jewel of nautical engineering that promised unparalleled adventures on the high seas.

With its elegant design, luxurious amenities and exceptional performance, we knew it would quickly find an owner who valued its excellence.

Thorough Preparation for the Crossing

From the moment we assumed responsibility for this magnificent sailboat, we embarked on a mission to prepare her for her next voyage.

Our team of experts was meticulously dedicated to carry out all the necessary repairs. It was ensured that it was in optimum condition for its new owner. From mechanical maintenance to aesthetic details, every aspect received the meticulous attention it deserved.

Venta en Tiempo Récord, Hanse 575 en 5 Meses

Hanse 575 Successful Sale: Efficiency and Commitment

But the best was yet to come. In a record time of
only five months
we were able to close the sale of the Hanse 575. This rapid sales process is a testament to the commitment and efficiency of our team.
commitment and efficiency of our team
as well as the quality of the boats we represent.

SELLER and BUYER Satisfaction Guarantee

The most rewarding part of this transaction was seeing the satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer. Our priority has always been to make sure that both parties are completely satisfied with the buying or selling experience.

By providing a personalized, transparent and results-oriented service
We are able to exceed expectations and build strong relationships with our clients.

Satisfacción Garantizada para Vendedor y Comprador

Continuing to Make History

This success would not have been possible without the hard work of our team and the trust our customers place in us.

We are honored to be a reference in the exciting world of boat sales and we hope to continue to exceed your expectations in the future.

Happy with the outcome of the sale of my sailboat.
Well done

John Spedding (Salesman)

Absolutely great support from Chiara and Oscar, both before and after the sale of our renamed Hanse 575 to Symphony. They took care of everything that needed to be done for the ship. Port Ginesta is also a perfect place to stay. We chose it for permanent mooring.

Gert Bosscher (Buyer)

Make your dreams come true. Contact us today!

If you are looking to buy or sell a boat, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to make your dreams come true and to offer you an exceptional exceptional experience every step of the way.

yacht brokerage
Alajuela 38 sold

Alajuela 38 SOLD

Alajuela 38 sold

Alajuela 38 has been sold by Network Yacht Brokers in Port Ginesta

Silver Heels is a 38ft Double-Ended Sloop designed by William Atkin and built as a cruiser in Huntington, the USA. The Alajuela Yacht Corp in the United States made her design. The Alajuela 38 is a recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fibreglass, with wood trim. It has a cutter rig, a spooned raked stem with a teak bowsprit, a canoe transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller, and a fixed long keel. The name Atkin has long been associated with the best in seaworthy boats. If you are looking for “the right boat” to build, you will be delighted with the boat design collections of William Atkin. Inherently solid, grand sea-goers and comfortable. The yacht was epoxy treated in June 2021 and stayed out of the water for two months.

The owner says

¨I had a dream to sail the world around. On a clear day, we saw Silver Heels for sale in France. The boat had arrived from California (USA) via New Zealand through the Red Sea into Med. The ship had all the experience and could easily sail worldwide on its long keel. I missed the experience of long-distance sailing. The first owners were glad to sell their boat to us, who intended world cruising. Of course, dreams can change, and due to family circumstances, we did not make a world trip with our two small kids. Instead, we sailed Silver Heels to Belgium and enjoyed sailing the Channel. The Netherlands, France and England for the first ten years. My son and I made a year trip to the Canary Islands and ended up in Barcelona, where we used the boat for family sailing to the Balearics Islands. We loved Silver Heels for over 30 years, but now it is time to let her go to somebody else with a dream to sail the high seas¨.

The yacht comes with 7 sails: the main sail, Genoa and staysail by Lee sails 1998 and a Storm Main, Strom staysail, Gennaker + Spinnaker with are originals.

Winches Lewmar 2 speed 2 x 44
                                          2 x 32
                                          3 x 30

The motor is installed under the bridge deck and cockpit floor.

The motor is splayed to the port hand. The propeller, however, is in the centre of the stern post. The advantage of this arrangement is easy steering when the boat is under power; no pull on the tiller as would be the case with a straight centre-line drive. The engine is an Izuzu 40 HP 3 cylinders fresh water cooling system. Last serviced in 2019 with 4789 engine hours. Shaft drive 18″ fixed 3-blade bronze propeller. The boat is fitted with an inboard diesel engine of 40 hp (30 kW) for docking and manoeuvring. The fuel tank holds 250 L (under the stairs) and the 2 freshwater tanks have a capacity of 190 L each (in the saloon). There is a holding tank of 132 L, but it is not connected and has been used as a spare fuel tank.

5 vetus/Exide batteries capacity 110 x 3 the year 2021, 12 volt
Mastervolt 240 Battery Charger
220 Shore Power

Electric Windlass
100 meters of chain
80 meters of warp + chain
5 ground tackle

Navigation Aids

Plastimo Compass 1980 x2
Horizon Speed WS45 2000
GPS 2000 Garmin
Echo Sounder Horizon 2000
Log Walker KDS MK III
Radar Sitex 24 miles 1980
VHF 1980
Autopilot Autohelm 4000 year 2000
Navtex 2000
Card System Radar Detector
monitor wind vane

General Equipment Alajuela 38

Tools Complete Set
Dishes and Glasses
Pot and pans
Linens and Towels
Many Engine, plumbing and electrical spare parts
Gas Detector
Boarding Ladder
Achilles Dinghy 4 persons 2000
Outboard Yahama Malta 2000
10 Fenders
1 Manual Bilge Pump
2 Electric Bilge Pumps
3 Navigation Lights
2 Boathooks
1 Sprayhood
1 Sun Awning
1 Clock
2 Barometer
1 Boat Alarm
Many engine Spares
1 Radio
1 Cassette
1 CD

Safety Equipment

1 Liferaft serviced in 2000
3 Manual Fire Extinguishers to recharge
3 Life Jackets

Accommodation Inside Alajuela 38

Sleeping accommodations are provided for four people (no pilot berth). These include a “V”-a berth in the bow cabin, plus two settee berths in the saloon. The galley is “U”-shaped and located on the starboard side at the foot of the companionway steps. It includes a top-loading icebox and a two-burner propane-fueled stove. There is a navigation station aft. A wet locker is mounted between the aft engine room and the navigation station aft. The cabin has a teak and holly sole and is finished in teak wood, with a planked ceiling. The head is located just aft of the bow cabin, on the starboard side. The stern lazarette provides vented storage for propane tanks. Ventilation is provided by four teak ventilators, plus an optional teak skylight.

1 forward double cabin
2 single berths in the saloon
LPG fuel cooker
2 burners
1 oven
1 grill
2 sink
Petrol Cabin Heating
Freezer and Fridge Dual Compressor
Manual Toilet (many spares onboard)

alajuela 38

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Jeanneau Leader 8 Sold



Far from every day, with family or friends, you will enjoy her exceptional handling and performance. The Jeanneau Leader 8 also features a distinctive style, a remarkably ergonomic deck plan and a bright and comfortable interior.

Spanish Flag, max people onboard 9

Mooring is included in the price until September 2023. After that, you have to take care of the rental fees.

Last antifouling and engine service 2022.

Engine Volvo Penta 5.7 GX DPS 2015 320 cvs, Gasolina, 160 hours, cruising speed 25 knots and top speed 30 knots. Bow Thruster.

Anchor, Electric Windlass, Horn, Ladder, Navigation Light, Sprahood and Bimini, Cover all, Radio, CD, Clock. 8 Lifejackets. Compass, Speed Meter, GPS, Eco Sounder, VHF, Autopilot. All safety equipment is to sail within 12 miles of the coast.

All documentation is in order.

Double Room in the Saloon

Gas Galley with two burners

Fridge and Freezer, Sink, 1 Head, one aft shower

Beige Upholstery

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Bavaria 38 Sold

Bavaria 38 Sold


Introduced in 2002, the Bavaria 38 was a J&J Desing design and was an update to the highly successful Bavaria 37. The Bavaria 38 is a cruiser with a length of 11.91m and a beam of 3.87m. The movement on deck is comfortable and safe thanks to the large flat surfaces, the solid handles and the centring of the shrouds. The teak coating is appreciated and recently renovated in the cockpit, and the grey Sika Flex gives it a more modernised environment.
It has a complete bimini top with extension to the mast, awnings and spray hood, all in excellent condition.
She is a boat maintained with extreme care and a detailed record of everything done to it. She presents an unbeatable appearance both inside, as cover and engine. Ready to navigate and enjoy 100%.
The interior layout is unbeatable, with three large double cabins, a spacious living room with a laterally arranged kitchen and a spacious full bathroom.
She is currently with the Belgian flag but possibly returning to the Spanish one.

The boat has a Volvo Penta Engine DS-55 of 74.8cv, a powerful engine for that length. About 1100 hours are estimated for the engine, and its condition is impeccable, with all its revisions up to date. The propeller (2021) and the two batteries (2020) are new.

Inventory Bavaria 38

Genoa and furling mainsail in excellent condition and recently reviewed
Last antifouling June 2022
Electric anchor windlass with remote control
Two anchors plus 50 meters of chain
bathing ladder
Dinghy Highfield 2.30 meters new
Outboard Suzuki 2.5hp 4T
Bimini, spray-hood, and awning all covered up to the mast
Covers for the steering wheel, the winches and the bimini.
Cockpit fender skirts with side pockets.
All textiles are in excellent condition.
Cushions/mats in imitation leather for the cockpit and made-to-measure covers
All hatch rubbers were renewed.
Complete Raymarine electronic equipment: speed, wind, GPS, Plotter, depth sounder, VHF and Autopilot
2 BOSH 1x140ah 1x70ah batteries from 2020
Diesel tank 150 litres
Water Tank 2×150 litres
Dirty tank 1×70 litres
Water heater

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Sold Long Keel Schooner



SOLD SCHOONER: Our gulet Alania has been sold, and we are happy to announce that the new owner is excited to have her in his hands. We have worked hard to get the best deal for the former owner and are delighted that he is satisfied with the transaction. He will now be able to focus on his passion for olive growing.
The sale has been a challenge, but thanks to our team of experts and the dedication of the former owner, we have succeeded. The new owner looks forward to sailing her, and we are sure he will enjoy her fully. We are proud to have been part of this transaction and wish the new owner many years of adventures and unforgettable moments on board Alania. Congratulations to the new owner, and thank you to the former owner for trusting us!

Description of the boat

Precious example of a Schooner built in 1992 perfect for coastal navigation in the Med. Pine hull 6 cm thick Deck, cabin and interior of iroko Pine and iroko interiors. Passenger Ship 30 passengers + 3 crew in daytime departure and 18 on board (14 + 4 crew) longer journeys—list 2 of the Spanish registry.

In March 2022, the owner spent €10,000 to fine-tune the hull and pass the annual dry inspection. The boat needs particular attention to the deck and general tuning and works to put her back in perfect condition. The teak deck is being replaced now by the seller.

Owner comments

Like every year I have had the boat for the last 18 years, it has been out of the water the entire month of February, and it is every year to do the annual inspection by some naval engineers. The entire hull has been sanded this year (2022), and almost all the hull planks have been changed. The largest is 2 m. The hull is the best of the 6 cm pine boat. The interior of the living room is 2 m.

The owner can provide a vast stock of wood of IROKO, PINE and TEAK for future repairs. The owner will include it in the price at no cost. The wood is valued at €10.000.

The owner has not been the only owner but has been the last owner for 18 years. The Schooner was bought in Turkey in 2002, where the previous owner used it as a charter.

This schooner is in list six since the owner has occupied it for charter since its acquisition.

The price of the schooner includes the transfer price of the company’s change of name to continue being used commercially.

The schooner is not used as a charter now; it is in the water in port.

This is the original engine, and although it is several years old, it has always been serviced. The engine is mechanical, and it works perfectly for this type of boat. This boat does around 500 navigation hours a year, estimated at 12,000 with this owner.


10kw diesel sole generator. installed 2012 does not reach 1000 hours of operation
Pump pressure water 3 kg
Two macerator pumps for greywater 1.5 hp each
210 hp ENGINE Iveco 8210tamd
1,5hp fire pump
black and grey water capacity 1,350 litres
hydraulic windlass with two anchors of 100 m. chain. The valve system was installed in 2015. chain of 2015. hydraulic pump 2014. another galvanized chain in 2015.
chap. Fuel 2,000 l.
hydraulic bow thruster
hydro hybrid system reducing consumption and co2
general water softener installed in 2016
capacity water 3,300 l. plastic tanks installed in 2015/2016
inverter 3000 watts


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Beneteau First 47.7

Sold Beneteau First 47.7

sold Beneteau First 47.7

Sold Beneteau First 47.7. In early 2023 we sold this beautiful Beneteau First 47.7 to three young guys who dream of sailing to New Zealand. They bought the yacht in Barcelona; they will spend 2023 preparing it and leaving the country for a great adventure!

Bruce Farr and built-in 2000 designed Beneteau First 47.7 Performance. She is in good sailing condition, carefully maintained by her owner, who has been using the yacht for charters only with skippers and sailing experiences. Fast and manageable boat for navigations of any type and condition. Structurally and visually, in perfect condition and with constant maintenance. The boat has been taken out of the water yearly for antifouling and polishing and dispatched on the 6th list for exploitation in Spain. The engine has been fully reconditioned.

Manufacturer Provided Description, Sold Beneteau First 47.7

Following the footsteps of the highly successful First 40.7 and the interior styling of the First 45f5, the First 47.7 combines a sleek and sophisticated racer with all the comforts of a luxurious cruiser. Her Bruce Farr-designed hull and powerful rig provide excellent performance, whether racing or cruising. Below the deck, this yacht we are offering for sale is a 4-cabin layout with two forward double berths and two individuals in the stern, hanging closets, and functional lighting. The nav station faces forward with a large chart table and pigeonhole chart storage. The galley has a sizeable front-loading refrigerator, a 2-burner stove, and counter space. All of this is combined with custom cabinetry and interior joinery.

In the cockpit

The giant wheel allows the helmsman to sit comfortably on the coaming with an unobstructed view forward. Other cockpit features include teak-slated inlaid seats and plenty of room to mount electronics on the steering pedestal and cockpit coaming. The traveller is conveniently located near the helm for optimal boom and mainsheet control. Below deck, in the salon, are the warm tones of a cherry-stained interior and plenty of ventilation accented by the 6-foot 3-inch headroom. Handrails are sheathed in leather, a gimbaled salon table can be tilted when heeling, and companionway steps are framed with aluminium.

Sold Beneteau First 47.7 Sold Beneteau First 47.7


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Jeanneau Leader 36

Sold Beautiful Jeanneau Leader 36!

Jeanneau Leader 36 Sport Top Version year 2018; she is brand new! We sold it in May 2022.

This Jeanneau Leader 36 was commissioned in June 2018 to Costa Brava, with just one owner from new and only 95 hours on the engines; she looks brand new. The boat is of high specification, with over €50,000 of extras. This fantastic boat package PREMIUM is for added onboard luxury living with the highest spec engines, Volvo D300. One of the great extras is the electric hardtop. The Leader 36 offers a comfortable cockpit, possibly quickly transforming the back seat into a beautiful sunbathing area. Very easy to handle with Joystick, the Leader 36 is particularly well suited for short cruises with family or friends. Endowed with a superb V-shaped hull designed by M. Peters, she features a sporty design by the Garroni Designers.

In April 2022, the boat was in the yard being antifouled, the Volvo propellor drive units were being serviced, and the entire boat’s hull was polished for an excellent presentation. British-registered, she is an excellent opportunity to buy a boat in immaculate condition and ready to be enjoyed.

Two engines Volvo Penta D4-300 Joystick 2×300 HP Diesel with only 95 hours.

In April 2022, Volvo serviced the propeller drive units following their protocol, and Volvo engineers serviced the engines. A great feature is the Volvo Penta Joystick Docking System which will help you quickly drive the boat into the mooring and yard. Electric Flaps Lenco.
Included in the sale, there is a 3-meter inflatable tender Zodiac 2018 with a Suzuki engine of 2,5 HP (all brand new)

Main Cabin Jeanneau leader 36 Jeanneau Leader 36

The owner´s wife has fitted the interior with fine-quality furnishings, and the galley has quality tableware. You will appreciate her exceptional interior layout, walnut wood and cream/grey upholstery. The interior saloon is a spacious, open living area with impressive sea views daily. At the same time, by night, the owner’s cabin converts into a magnificent suite with a table and sofa.

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Sailing Ketch being moved in Port Ginesta

Van der Heijden Beautiful 57 ft Sailing Ketch Sold

Van der Heijden Beautiful 57-foot sailing Ketch sold by Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

This Van der Heijden Beautiful 57-foot sailing Ketch Was was built in Holland in 1987. Continually updated over the past 15 years by the last owner, the new owner has opted for a lifestyle change; we’re sure he will enjoy his new yacht

Since being first commissioned, the yacht has only had two former owners, she’s not a fast sailing vessel, but we’ll keep The new owners safe in all weather conditions. She has crossed the Atlantic twice and spent eight years cruising the Caribbean. Take a look around this fantastic yacht.

Best Wishes and many happy sailing years to the proud new owner from all at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

sailing ketch sold

Bedouin is a beautiful 57 feet one-off wood sailing KETCH built- in 1987 in Holland by the Dutch luxury yacht builder Dik Van der Heiden.

The design is from the pen of a famous designer De Vries Lentsch who started as a builder and designer of wooden rowing boats in the port of Amsterdam. This yacht has been continually updated over the last 15 years, with invoices available.

Main jobs:
– the engine was rebuilt in 2019
– teak coach deck in 2019
– teak deck in 2014
– hydraulic steering hoses pump x ram in 2019
– radar for the chart plotter in 2019
– fridge in 2018
– gas cooker in 2018

The boat hull is constructed by a west epoxy system 40 mm thick. In the saloon, there is a sample cut from the hull. It is beside the music unit. It is 10cm x 10cm. The hull is cold-moulded triple-planked.

Last antifouling 2019
Last time out of the Water 2019

Additional Comments from the current owner 20/08/2021

I am the second owner of the Bedouin; she was built by her first owner, Dick Van Der Heijden, in Holland. The Bedouin is not a fast sailing vessel in the true sense, especially if sailing against a fin-keel yacht. The Bedouin was built for circumnavigation, not racing. She said she makes a perfect time on ocean crossings from Cape Verde to Trinidad in 17 days. Bedouin is a yacht that takes a lot of wind; she happily charges along In 25 knots wind all day. I have crossed Biscay in force nine, not that I set out to…. but the weather does not always do as we would like. Bedouin handled this crossing without problems; she has also crossed the Atlantic twice in my ownership and a few times in the hands of her former owner.

I have had Bedouin in the Caribbean for eight years, sailing up and down the island with my young children on board.

She is a safe and spacious platform for families sailing an excellent liveaboard. Also, central heating is on board if you travel to colder climates. To describe her sailing characteristics in 15 to 25 knots, she is like a train on rails stiff and comfortable.
I have some line drawings, but they are for her sister’s ship, which has an aft cockpit. Keel bolts are original; if not, I have not replaced them. There is no wood rot; the deck was replaced less than five years ago in St Maarten and laid on thick marine ply.

The hull is Brazilian hardwood, a minimum of 4 centimetres thick. It was constructed in the West Epoxy system.

Two years ago in Palma, I refitted the aft coachroof deck along with the windscreen frame Battery house bank, engine start battery, and Genset battery; the engine was rebuilt, along with a new chart plotter and new radar system. The steering ram and all Hydraulic hoses have been replaced. All of the above work was done simultaneously.
The galley has recently been fitted with a new fridge and cooker; a freezer is on board.
I have constantly kept the boat updated in the last few years.



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Bavaria 40 Voyager (Sold)

Bavaria 40, Another boat sold by Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

Bavaria 40. This is an excellent example of Bavaria 40 Voyager year 2013. She has always been used for charter and kept in excellent condition. The three cabins version has one forward cabin and two aft cabins with two heads (toilet) compartments. The last charter was in August 2021. She was then put up for sale by the owner through our brokerage at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona.

Bavaria 40 Yachts is a German shipyard established in 1978 in north Bavaria, Germany. To see a brief factory tour we made over 20 years ago when we visited the Bavaria yacht factory follow the link below to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find lots of boat-related videos.

How Bavaria Yachts Are Built

A BAVARIA yacht is the perfect interaction of many elements. Everything is built around the extensive expertise of German engineering. The owner now wants to sell it as it is not convenient for him to do charter anymore. The berth is available for rent in Port Ginesta through our company. It´s in a great location.

Three cylinders
Fresh and Seawater cooling
Saildrive GearBox
Bow Thruster

Electrics 12 v
Four batteries year 2021
Engine Alternator
240 Battery Charger

Furling Main Sail and Foresail
Main Sail 2013
Foresail 2013

2 Genoa winches
2 Halyards winches

Chain 50 meters
Electric windlass
Spare anchor

General Equipment
Gas detector
1 Manual Bilge Pump
Navigation Lights
Guard wire
Video CD
Cockpit Cover
Bimini Sprayhood

Safety Equipment
Liferaft 2021
Life Jackets
Fire Blanket
Fire Extinguishers

Navigation Aids
Echo Sounder