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Beneteau First 47.7 Yachts Sold

Sold Beneteau First 47.7

sold Beneteau First 47.7

Sold Beneteau First 47.7. In early 2023 we sold this beautiful Beneteau First 47.7 to three young guys who dream of sailing to New Zealand. They bought the yacht in Barcelona; they will spend 2023 preparing it and leaving the country for a great adventure!

Bruce Farr and built-in 2000 designed Beneteau First 47.7 Performance. She is in good sailing condition, carefully maintained by her owner, who has been using the yacht for charters only with skippers and sailing experiences. Fast and manageable boat for navigations of any type and condition. Structurally and visually, in perfect condition and with constant maintenance. The boat has been taken out of the water yearly for antifouling and polishing and dispatched on the 6th list for exploitation in Spain. The engine has been fully reconditioned.

Manufacturer Provided Description, Sold Beneteau First 47.7

Following the footsteps of the highly successful First 40.7 and the interior styling of the First 45f5, the First 47.7 combines a sleek and sophisticated racer with all the comforts of a luxurious cruiser. Her Bruce Farr-designed hull and powerful rig provide excellent performance, whether racing or cruising. Below the deck, this yacht we are offering for sale is a 4-cabin layout with two forward double berths and two individuals in the stern, hanging closets, and functional lighting. The nav station faces forward with a large chart table and pigeonhole chart storage. The galley has a sizeable front-loading refrigerator, a 2-burner stove, and counter space. All of this is combined with custom cabinetry and interior joinery.

In the cockpit

The giant wheel allows the helmsman to sit comfortably on the coaming with an unobstructed view forward. Other cockpit features include teak-slated inlaid seats and plenty of room to mount electronics on the steering pedestal and cockpit coaming. The traveller is conveniently located near the helm for optimal boom and mainsheet control. Below deck, in the salon, are the warm tones of a cherry-stained interior and plenty of ventilation accented by the 6-foot 3-inch headroom. Handrails are sheathed in leather, a gimbaled salon table can be tilted when heeling, and companionway steps are framed with aluminium.

Sold Beneteau First 47.7 Sold Beneteau First 47.7


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conviertete en un broker de barcos Spain

Port Ginesta History

The History of Port Ginesta

The History of Port Ginesta. Applications for developing a marina on the site were made to the Catalonian authorities in 1984, with consent granted in 1987; the Port Ginesta history would begin. Over 35 years ago, two passionate local sailors dreamed of building a marina on the Garraf coast in this location. Jordi Tubella and Elda Balletbo decided to pool their resources together with Lluis Velilla and Jaume Puig. The objective was simple and much needed at the time. They would build a marina where ordinary people of Barcelona and the surrounding areas could keep their boats. Little did they realise what such an undertaking would achieve for local people and now for the broader population of Europe. It’s been a fantastic success and one that has defined the area.

Planning the marina

The plan was bold from the beginning. It was a big marina, a base for over 1,000 boats and yachts. Port Ginesta will differ from the entire sector that had dominated yachting in the Mediterranean for the last hundred years. Port Ginesta was to offer an alternative in both style and cost, and all will be welcome. In 1986 the modern marina, designed by the naval architect Norman Cinnamond, was opened.

Port Ginesta could offer a haven for boats and yachts from 7 to 24 meters in length. As the idea developed, it was decided that the marina would be an excellent haven for yachting and boating and where owners could embark on boat building and restoration projects. Therefore commercial premises were included in the plan for Port Ginesta from the beginning.

A small but vibrant cluster of apartments was added to the plan during its development. In 2018, we had 80 apartments on site that, for many, are second homes, but for the lucky few, they are permanent residences. Port Ginesta has co-existed with many companies, from restaurants, riggers, painters, and electricians to Yacht Brokers.  Network Yacht Brokers arrived in 2017; the company has over 20 offices. They hope to bring international marketing to Port Ginesta, which is much needed. Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona moved within the marina to new premises in January 2018, just one year after embarking on the Port Ginesta brokerage project.

Olympic Games

In 1992 the Olympic Games came to Barcelona. This presented a fantastic opportunity for Port Ginesta’s history to be documented. The games led to an improvement of facilities within the marina. The A-Class Catamaran World Championships and many festivals in the port during that time were great successes.

The oil crisis came along just as we all thought life was one long party. This plunged Spain into a deep recession; Port Ginesta only survived thanks to the careful management of resources.

Happier times, they returned. The port underwent extensive development to keep in step with modern marinas that we now take for granted. A further 404 marina berths were created on the west side of the port. The naval architect Norman Cinnamond designed what has now become the jewel in Port Ginesta. This design remembered the natural surrounding of Garraf National Park. In June 2006, the extension to the marina was opened and was hailed an immediate success.

Fjord III German Frers port ginesta history2018 painting booth improvements

After the improvement works carried out in Port Ginesta to the yacht paint booth, the marina decided to celebrate Port Ginesta’s history by publishing this old photo of Fjord III German Frers designed 14.8 meter-long sloop built in 1947 to participate in a regatta between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. She achieved a decisive victory in that race.

Restoration works of her undertaken in Port Ginesta were completed in 2017. This photo was taken in 1952 when Fjord III was being manoeuvred before boarding a freighter to New York. To participate in Bermuda to Newport race. This is where she became one of the most appreciated and celebrated jewels in the recreational Yachting-associated crown after victory. The Fjord story continues today.

Improvements to Port Ginesta

When writing the Port Ginesta history, plans for re-development of the old part of the marina had not been released to the public. However, an ongoing restoration and development plan will be released between 2018 and 2019. Due to the economic climate, the number of empty units in the marina remains a challenge to overcome Marina Management. Ideas such as constructing other apartments in a section of the marina area are speculated. When improvements are made public, this document will be updated.

Visitors often stay in Port Ginesta.portginesta

Port Ginesta Marina is one of the largest marinas in Spain. It is in the district of Sitges, just south of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. This marina has over 1500 boats and yachts. Port Ginesta tends to be a place people visit when thinking of commissioning boats and yachts, and they aim to use them in the Mediterranean rather than the holiday resort it is.

Many people come to Port Ginesta near the sleepy Catalonian town of Garraf, between Port Ginesta and Sitges. People come, often they stay and never say goodbye, as it’s straightforward to fall in love with this place.

This page is only a brief description of what we have learned in the time we have been in the marina. If you have more information, please send it to us by email, and we will be happy to add it.

We are happy to listen also your story and adventure.

When did you first arrive at the port?

What memorable moments can we use to add to our Port Ginesta history?

Send your story to info@nybbarcelona.com, and it will be published on our website.

Castell Montjuic Spain

Montjuic Mountain in Barcelona

Montjuic Mountain

Montjuic is the highest mountain in Barcelona. The area presents a lush parkland, a microcosm of the city’s culture. Consequently, the park has beautiful nature, fascinating museums, artists and musicians.


Cable Car

No better way to get a view of Barcelona than from the air? The¨Telefèric de Montjuic¨ is a four-person gondola, similar to one in a ski resort. Open since 1970, this cable car will take you right up to Montjuic Castle and the highest point of view in Barcelona, allowing you to see the city from an entirely different perspective. Likewise, a cycle tour around Barcelona is a healthy, ecological and friendly way to explore our fantastic city. The Parc de Montjuic is one of the must-do stops. Why not pedal up and down the winding hill roads for an exhilarating experience to test your fitness?

From the top of the mountain

Take a look down from the top of the hill, and you can get a complete introduction to the artwork and life of Joan Miro. The ¨Fundacio Joan Miro¨ is a museum dedicated to the legendary Barcelonian painter. About halfway up the hill, you can admire the legacy of the 1992 Olympic Games. Barcelona hosted the Olympics right here in Parc de Montjuic. Italian architect Vittorio Grigotti designed the stadium’s unique Olympic tower. It’s open to the public now and a real treat on a hot day to dip in the Olympic pool. In the Olympic Stadium, the Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo made an impossible shot with a flaming arrow to light the Olympic flame.


Take plenty of time

If you plan to visit Montjuic, leave plenty of time to enjoy the gardens and castle. We think a whole day is needed at Montjuic to appreciate this beautiful place. At busy times you may need to wait a while for the red cable car to get you to the top of the hill to start your Montjuic adventure. Nonetheless, the cable car from the beach is a great way to visit the mountain. We advise you to take plenty of drinking water, a hat and sun cream with you as it can get hot in the park.

Please call our office for more information about visiting any of the tourist attractions in Barcelona’s centre. We will happily give you free advice and pass on our local knowledge.


Jabsco marine toilet Boats Information

Stop boat smels

Dealing with a smelly boat loo (Marine Heads)

How to stop smells in my boat? It is well documented that most smell in a boat loo come from decomposing microscopic marine life. Saltwater teems with life and is used on most boats to flush a marine head. Therefore, if the saltwater is not rinsed with freshwater, like milk or fresh produce, it goes sour. You can buy all sorts of chemicals to deal with the problem. I never used any marine cleaning product. I will explain my method of avoiding a smelly loo below. Before you read that, if you suffered from a smell in the Heads compartment for some time, you might need to replace the piping. I know customers use all sorts of chemicals to eliminate a persistent smell. In the end, replacing the flexy waste pipe can be the only solution as that pipe can become degraded.

I will not get into the complex holding tank setup as the subject is worthy of another post. Let’s assume you only seek guidance on keeping a marine loo smell-free.

Keeping the Heads smelling fresh

how to stop smells in my boathow to stop smells in my boat

Most boats and yachts have a head setup similar to the image on the left showing a Jabsco manual loo. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a quiet flush electric loo? A similar principle applies. However, the electric loo does not have a hand pump and the modern ones are flushed with fresh water, as shown in the right-hand image.

Hand-pumped seawater heads have the potential to be very unhygienic. The pump handle shaft can spread lots of bacteria and is often contaminated with water passing the housing top seal.

My method of flushing includes using the hand shower freshwater system to rinse any remains of seawater from the loo system finally. This way of cleaning the loo after use has many benefits. I also leave a bottle of baby oil in the Heads compartment giving a final squirt into the bowl before pumping this out. When the seal is worn, the liquid will get onto your hands as you use the pump. That’s not good at all! The baby oil helps to add a little life to the seal that sits below the handle.

Rinse the loo with fresh water at least once a day.

Most marine compartments have an electric bilge pump that evacuates shower water. The compartment should be fully waterproof. So rinse the loo and then rinses down the compartment with fresh water at least once a day. Most boats carry an abundance of freshwater. It is essential to keep this water flowing, so liberal shower use cannot harm. Far too often, I talk to people who believe fresh water should be rationed. If you keep a boat in a marina, freshwater will look after your investment, and you should use lots of it.

Clean your bilge

The same principle applies to the above, although a slight word of caution because some marine operators get upset if you start pumping bilge water into the marina. So for the sake of being correct, let’s assume you are in a place with no restrictions.

Using plenty of hot soapy water

Washing your bilges with lots of fresh soapy water will eliminate most bilge smells. Greasy substances can be first dissolved using plenty of hot soapy water. The choice of chemical you use rests on your conscience, but for me, a concentrated household liquid soap (the same you use for dishes) works as well as anything I found in any chandlers. You also have the advantage household soap is less expensive than a specialist marine-branded product.

Consider painting it after you have washed your bilge (I have used a steamer before). In my opinion, a boat bilge should always be dry and immaculately clean. I never found a boat with a clean bilge that had a boat odour issue. No matter how old your boat is, keeping the underfloor sections of a boat clean is always the best practice.

You are selling your boat. I have been a broker for many years. I am asked to assess the value of boats daily. It’s clear to me that a boat free from nasty smells is the one that sells first for the most.

See our post-Diesel Bug in fuel tanks  and  Water in the Bilge Mystery

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Pirate ship boat for sale in a marina Boats Information

Selling Your Boat in Port Ginesta

Selling Your Boat in Port Ginesta

Sell your boat
Sell your boat in Port Ginesta

Do you have a boat for sale in Port Ginesta Marina Barcelona or anywhere in Spain? Perhaps with the Covid Pandemic, you haven’t been able to visit for some time? If you think buyers are not out in force now, you are wrong. We have lots of buyers for Motor Boats and Yachts in all price ranges.

Boats for Sale Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

The market

Buyers are out in force and are busy looking for a boat for sale in Port Ginesta and have been through the winter months. Most buyers are Spanish and Northern Europeans. We haven’t seen the Brits on the scene for some time, possibly due to Brexit. There is considerable uncertainty surrounding the VAT status of boats and yachts imported and exported from the UK.

What is happening to the VAT

When posting this, the news is not very clear about VAT changes to boats and yachts. It would appear that the UK-registered boats will be treated the same as boats outside the EU and will not be unfairly penalised if they stay in Europe. Travel rules are clear for boats leaving the EU and coming back. For more information about changes in VAT rules, please get in touch with us in Port Ginesta. 

Flag registration

Free Valuation 

Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona offers a free boat valuation service. We also operate a no-sale no-fee Wheel Pirate ship for sale Barcelonabrokerage. Generally, yacht values have increased during the last six months. This is not the case for vessels that have not been maintained. Buyers want to see service history more than anything, so if you’re asking for the top-price boat, please ensure maintenance is up to date, and then you stand a good chance of selling.

Boats that have not seen owners for twelve months will be marked down slightly if not lifted out for service. The yard in Port Ginesta has been tranquil in recent months, no doubt, because owners cannot travel. Either the situation will remain the same, or the yard will become oversubscribed during February and March. Either way, call our office if you are considering selling or need maintenance. We will be happy to arrange this for you. 

More details and local information is available from Chiara at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona.


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