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Tips for buying a second-hand boat

Buying a used boat

Buying a second-hand boat can be an excellent option to save money. These vessels are usually more affordable than new ones. However, it is important to keep in mind the popular saying: “cheap is expensive”.

To avoid possible disappointments, it is crucial to be cautious when choosing and to be sure of what you are buying so that the supposed savings do not turn into a waste of money.

In this article, we will summarize the most important points to consider when buying a second-hand boat, in order to avoid future complications.
If you want to prevent the purchase of a second-hand boat from becoming a nightmare, we recommend you to take into account the following tips.



The first thing to consider is where to look for a used boat.
Here are some options to consider:

  1. INTERNET: Numerous portals and web pages offering a wide variety of used boats can be found on the Internet. These sites usually have photos of the boats and search engines that allow you to filter the search according to criteria such as price, length, cabins, year of manufacture, among others.
  2. MARINTS: Visiting local marinas may also be an option, as many sellers post “For Sale” signs on boats rather than using online sales portals. However, this option tends to be less common.
  3. FAIRS: If you have availability and it fits with your time, attending fairs or second-hand markets held in different cities of the country can be an excellent option. This will allow you to review different purchasing options in one place.

In addition to these options, it is advisable to
to seek the assistance of an
expert yacht broker
. It is highly recommended to seek advice from a nautical expert. Ideally, this expert should carry out a thorough inspection of the boat and prepare a report certifying the condition of the boat, with recommendations and assessments. This will avoid travel, waste of time and ensure that the investment is adequate and money is not being wasted.


The most important advice regarding when to buy is not to be in a hurry.
Never make the purchase in a hurry and only do it when you are completely sure, as haste is often a bad advisor, especially when buying a second-hand boat.

For many, the best time to buy a boat is after the summer, in the fall. At that time, many owners consider that the use they give to the boat is not enough or that it does not compensate them to keep it all year round, which implies paying port rent during the winter.

As a result, many decide to put their boats up for sale, which increases the options and allows them to obtain better prices due to the law of supply and demand.



The issue of price when buying a boat can vary depending on different considerations, so it is important to take into account certain aspects to evaluate it correctly. First, it is advisable to establish a clear budget. Knowing our financial limits will help us to filter the available options and adjust them to our economic possibilities.

In addition to cost, it is essential to take into account our specific needs. It is not always the most expensive option that is best for us. It is important to consider the use we will make of the boat and make sure it meets our demands and requirements.

Post-purchase expenses must be taken into account. Owning a boat entails maintenance costs, transfer procedures, certifications, mooring and insurance. Making an estimate of these expenses will help us to avoid surprises and evaluate whether we can afford to acquire and maintain the desired boat.


When buying a second-hand boat, it is essential to carry out a series of checks to avoid possible scams or inconveniences. Some of these reviews include:

  • Examine the boat both in and out of the water. It is essential to inspect the hull for osmosis, cracks, dents or other alterations that may cause future problems.
  • Request a navigation test. This test evaluates the stability, maneuverability, buoyancy and behavior of the boat. It is important to pay attention to vibrations, performance during acceleration and the effectiveness of the sound insulation of the engine.
  • Verify safety equipment. Although it is not mandatory for the owner to provide all safety equipment, it is advisable to check them to avoid risks. It may be necessary to purchase additional life preservers, torches or fire extinguishers. If the boat already has them, it is important to check their condition and ensure that they comply with current regulations.
  • Obtain the corresponding documentation for the hull and engine. This documentation is essential for the transfer of a second-hand boat. It must be the original documentation, otherwise the Maritime Administration may request marine engineering reports to assess the vessel’s suitability. It is also important to have access to the engine maintenance book and records of the last overhauls or repairs, as they provide information on the condition of the engine, including such things as belts, filters and batteries.
  • Request the certificate of seaworthiness. This certificate certifies that the vessel complies with all regulatory and legal requirements for navigation. It is issued by the Maritime Administration and is regulated by the Ministry of Public Works.
  • Review the ship’s administrative documentation, such as the vessel’s navigation permit, maritime registry, and the seat sheet, as well as the vessel’s seasonal license if applicable.
  • Verify that the vessel has no tax liens or encumbrances. For this, it is advisable to count on the help of a nautical agency that can provide the information.

Finally, it is essential to remember that all requested documentation must be current. Do not forget to check that all documents are up to date and in order to avoid any inconvenience or disappointment after the purchase.

In summary, when evaluating the cost of a boat, it is important to establish a budget, consider our specific needs and take into account post-purchase expenses. When acquiring a second-hand boat, carrying out the appropriate inspections, obtaining the necessary documentation and verifying its condition are essential steps to avoid unpleasant surprises. So you can count on
nautical professionals
is very important in the whole process.

Remember that making informed decisions and paying attention to details will help us find the best option that fits our needs and ensures a safe and satisfying experience at sea. And for whatever you need, our
nautical brokers
are here to help you.

Enjoy your sailing and may you always have the wind at your back!

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Sell your boat with the help of a yacht…


It is highly convenient to count on the collaboration of a yacht broker. yacht broker when you do not have the time or the dedication necessary to carry out the the sale of a boat.

If you do not wish to assume these responsibilities, the easiest way to do so is to contact a yacht broker to help you with the sale of your boat.

The yacht brokers focus on achieving a successful and satisfactory transaction for both parties, buyer and seller.

These specialists offer a wide range of services, from advice on setting the most appropriate price for your boat for sale, to complete administrative management.

It is common for yacht brokers specialize in a particular type of used boats, either by geographical area or by length.

How to sell your boat with the help of a yacht broker

Selling a boat can be a difficult and tedious task, especially if you have no experience in the industry. If you are short on time or prefer not to handle the sale of your boat directly, you can seek the help of a yacht broker to ensure that the process runs efficiently and successfully.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about how to sell a boat with the help of a yacht broker.
selling a boat with the help of a yacht broker.


What do yacht brokers do?

Yacht brokers are experts in the sale of boats, as they are dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of their boat owning clients. These intermediaries act on behalf of the seller and agree on a series of services and conditions in order to sell the vessel in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

In addition to advertising the boat so that it becomes known to many potential buyers, they are also in charge of conducting effective negotiations, eliminating obstacles that may arise in the sales process.

Its objective is to facilitate the sale and reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved.

How can a yacht broker help you sell your boat?

1- Helping you define the right price for your boat

To ensure a good sale, it is essential to define an appropriate selling price. By using the services of a broker, you can be sure that your boat will be properly valued in the market.

This is because the broker has access to confidential information, such as the actual selling prices of boats similar to yours, which are not available to the general public. Therefore, the broker is able to determine a fair and competitive price for your boat.

2- Advertising your boat in the most appropriate way

Your broker will prepare a plan to advertise your boat on the most visible portals, such as Yachtworld, Cosas de Barcos or TopBoats, among others.

The broker can recommend different methods of reaching potential buyers that go beyond online portals. Depending on the type of boat, he can suggest additional strategies to reach the right audience with your ad.

One of these strategies can be to send the advertisement to potential buyers by e-mail, in order to increase the chances of selling your boat. The broker’s main objective is to help you find the right buyers for your boat, using all available resources.

In our case, we publish on more than 20 specialized platforms:

3- Preparing the boat for sale

The broker can advise you on improvements you can make to make your boat more attractive to the market. He will assist you in identifying problems and offer solutions for both the maintenance and decoration of your boat.

In addition, he will be able to arrange for repairs and suggest finding a mooring or slipway to make the boat more accessible during the sales period.

4- Respond to inquiries from interested parties

The figure of the nautical broker is essential both to filter interested and curious people and to respond to the consultations of both, saving you time and avoiding false illusions.

It is important to distinguish between these two types of stakeholders because answering questions and providing detailed information can be a major effort. If you spend a lot of time answering questions from people who have no real intention of buying, you can waste valuable time and perhaps even lose a real sales opportunity.

This is where the fundamental role of the yacht broker comes into play. nautical broker. A good broker will know how to distinguish between the genuinely interested and the curious, and will be able to filter the inquiries so that you only have to deal with people who are genuinely interested in buying your boat.

In addition, the nautical brokers have in-depth technical knowledge of the vessels and can answer detailed and specific questions that other interested parties may not understand. This means that even if someone is genuinely interested in buying, a broker can handle most inquiries and leave you time to handle other important tasks related to the sale of your boat.

5 - Visits to the ship

The yacht broker offers a valuable service by taking care of ship visits with interested parties, saving you time and effort. When showing the boat, the broker will solve all the questions that may arise in the buyer, which is especially useful if you are not a boat expert and prefer to enjoy sailing.

Moreover, if the ship is far from your home, this service is even more valuable.

6- Manage all administrative aspects

A yacht broker can take care of all the formalities related to the sale, from inspections to sea trials, as it is common for buyers to request these measures in order to know the condition of the boat.

Problems may arise during testing and inspection, but an experienced broker knows how to handle the situation and achieve a fair and mutually beneficial negotiation. In addition, the broker’s intermediation can be key in the agreement between seller and buyer.

7- Transfer formalities and tax filings

A yacht broker has a thorough knowledge of the security legislation and documents required for the transfer of ownership of a boat, including title deeds, purchase and sale contracts, taxes and more.

In addition to being experts in selling boats, brokers also offer management services to help you through the whole process and make the end of the sale even more satisfying, especially if your time is limited or you don’t want to add more complications to your life.


Broker's services and commission

If you are looking for help in selling your boat, having a yacht broker can be an excellent option, as you can choose the level of service you want and their fees are set according to the type of service provided. These may be fixed or on a percentage basis, and are agreed prior to the commencement of the mediation, and are settled once the sale of the vessel is completed.

If you choose to sell your boat with the assistance of a nautical brokeryou will have an expert in the market who will transmit confidence to potential buyers.

You as the seller can decide which services you want to hire, such as whether you prefer the broker to show the boat or whether you will do it yourself. You can also opt for the broker to take care of the maintenance and cleaning of the boat for buyers’ visits.

In some cases, the broker may accept the boat as part payment for the purchase of a new one. You can also choose whether to agree the sale exclusively with one broker to pay a lower commission or to use several brokers.

The broker will require documentation proving ownership of the boat, its maintenance and any other relevant documents to ensure that the sale goes smoothly and without delays. If you do not have the necessary documentation, the broker can help you find the best solution for this type of inconvenience.

For more information about: documentation and taxes in the sale of a boat, please contact us.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has helped you to understand in more detail what our work consists of.

Have a great sailing, and see you on the high seas!

Saint Joseph Valencia Spain Spain

Costa de Valencia Spain

Valencia is a City of Arts and Sciences

National Party ValenciaValencian Community is on the South-Eastern coast of Spain. One of the oldest cities, beautiful and the third most populated in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. However, the Mislata neighbourhood in Costa de Valencia, Spain, is Spain’s most densely populated area. It was conquered in 138 BC by the Romans and later occupied by the Visigoths and the Moors. In 1982, with the Valencian Statute of Autonomy, the province was integrated into the Valencian Community. Costa de Valencia, Spain, is a City of Arts and Sciences, full of history but some futuristic spots in its structures, with an interactive museum, an oceanarium and a planetarium.

Valencia is one of the greatest cities in Spain.

Valencia Spain(art and sciences)A boat ride on Lake Albufera Park, walking trails and a wetlands reserve is one of the many activities you can find. Valencia is one of the greatest cities in Spain regarding climate, with beautiful beaches to enjoy the experience of renting a nautical charter in Valencia to Ibiza or Formentera. Or, if you have on mind buy a boat or a yacht, you will find 33,500 offers(catamarans, motorboats, sailing boats, used yachts, rafts) in Costa de Valencia, Spain.
The port city of Valencia lies between the Turia River and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the fourth busiest port in Europe and the largest in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea basin.

Paella valenciana SpainThe drink in Valencia is Agua de Valencia, and its ingredients(freshly squeezed orange juice, cava, vodka, gin, and lots of ice) have nothing to see with the name. Horchata is also super popular but natural, made with chufa (aka tiger nuts). This tubercule grows in the fields of Alboraya, a small village to the north of Valencia. And I do not forget the Mediterranean Diet: The famous Paella Valenciana.

Saint Joseph.

Saint Joseph Valencia SpainValencia shows off extensive UNESCO listings. Flamenco, Human Tower, Festivity La mare de Deu de la Salud, Mediterranean Cave Art Paintings, The Mistery Play of Elche, The Palm Grove in Elche, Las Fallas Festival, The Water Tribunal of the Plain of Valencia, Wine and Vineyard Cultural Itinerary trough Mediterranean Towns, and the Mediterranean Diet.
In recent years, Critical international sports events like America’s Cup and the Formula 1 Grand Prix put Valencia on the world map. Las Fallas is a big festival in Valencia. 19th day of loud music, delicious food, street lights, firecracker concerts, and temporary art, where tourists and locals meet every March to honour the city patron saint of carpenters, Saint Joseph.
Sciences and art ValenciaAnother national celebration is in July, The Flower Battle. Next, on Agosto La Tomatina. A fighting party that tub the small town of Buñol in tomatoes. On October 9th, it commemorates the entrances to the city of Valencia of King Jaime, the Day of Valencia Community, and Sant Dionis Day, the local version of Valentine’s Day.
To get to the city, there is the nearest major airport to Valencia Airport(VLC), Alicante (ALC/LEAL), Palma Mallorca(PMI), Ibiza(IBZ), and Barcelona(BCN).
If you love music, art, and good food, Valencia is the city in Spain you must see!

Northwind Yacht Beautiful Teak Deck and elegant Boats Information

Northwind Yachts Barcelona

Famous boatyard in the centre of Barcelona

Northwind Yachts’ famous boatyard was in the middle of Barcelona, Spain. The yard was once the proud producer of globetrotting yachts, and the boatyard remains a very usable space. Thankfully it is developing into a yacht repair yard which is an excellent use of this once fantastic facility.
Northwind’s old yard includes a fully equipped production hall measuring 60m in length x 30m wide x 23m high, offering unprecedented access to the Mediterranean Sea. An external esplanade measuring close to 12,000 square metres is also available for repairs and refit works and is now part of the Port Vela Marina development. Northwind Yachts had already sold its northern hall to the Barcelona World Race Foundation.

Shipyard repair and refit activities

North Wind Yachts Shipyard in Barcelona provides excellent opportunities for yacht construction, repair and refit activities, sales and brokerage through Marina Vela.
Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona (Network BCN) is keen to support Marina Vela in developing the old Northwind’s yard. (Network BCN).
Partner in Network BCN Rob Woodward says, “The site is located a few minutes away from Barcelona’s city centre and 15 minutes from the Barcelona international airport. The shipyard is located at the entrance of Barcelona Harbor, where yachts sailing to the private yachting clubs and marinas of Barcelona pass. This excellent infrastructure, including the “W”-Hotel, must be further developed”.

Please talk to us if you are considering selling a Motor Boat or Yacht. We work on a no-sale no, fee basis. So if we do not sell your boat, you decide you will not pay us anything. We are proud of the Testimonials page; they are genuine comments from boat buyers and sellers. Our Yacht Broker commission charges are the lowest in Spain because we are part of a large group of Profesional Brokers. We buy our marketing in bulk and get great deals on the website marketing space that we can pass on to you (the seller) through reduced commission charges. Visit our boats for sale page; we have Boats for sale in all price ranges.

Northwind Yacht Beautiful Teak DeckNorthwind Yacht Beautiful interior

Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea Feature immage Yachts Sold

Oyster 54 Yacht Sold in Barcelona

Globetrotting Oyster 54 Yacht Sold

blue hull Oyster 54 plan seaSailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea lift out of the waterSailing in windy water Oyster 54 Yacht For sale plan seaBoat yard Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea

Lovingly maintained and exceptionally equipped by an owner with care on the globetrotting Yacht. Attention to detail was considered in every aspect of modification. Many of the owner’s upgrades were carried out by the Oyster Yacht factory in Southampton and Ipswich. Technical upgrades included changes to the LED lighting, sound and entertainment systems. Additions include a carbon gangway (passerelle).

This Yacht is presented in superb condition, and this Yacht has to be seen to be appreciated. The interior is finished in American light oak and created with handcrafted joinery. The final finish gives a sense of quality and craftsmanship that one would expect at this level of luxury yacht creation.

The rig is set up for short-handed sailing, offering a rewarding and exciting sailing experience for both skipper and crew.

Berthed in Gibraltar, this beautiful Yacht is ready to sail on her next adventure.

Currently fully winterised and ashore and available for survey inspection of all systems. No known faults exist, and everything is fully functioning. She is European VAT Paid with all papers in order.

General Accommodation Specification  

The accommodation comprises six berths in three cabins (excluding the saloon). The Interior is finished in white oak, supporting the Design concept to be modern yet practical and usable at sea. Features include sculpted fiddles with grab rails, ‘shadow-gap’ joints between panels and Oyster custom-made knobs for all lockers and drawers. In 2018 the teak cabin floor was replaced. Created by Dolphin Sails, Carpets also cover the sole boards in the saloon, galley, and owners’ stateroom. 

Surfaces in the Galley and heads are Avonite and Sandpiper coloured, whereas the headlining is vinylene. She is upholstered with covers in AAlcantaraand Amber glow. Lee screens are available on all berths.

Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea SaloonBunk beds Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan seaSaloon 2 Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan seaMaster cabin bed Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan seaEngine Sailing Yacht Oyster 54 For sale plan sea

A foam-backed vinyl saloon table cover protects the beautiful table wood. Curtains and blind systems are fitted in all cabins. Oceanair ‘Skyscreens’ are also fitted to all deck hatches with flyscreens to all opening hull and coach-roof ports.

Hella 24V fans in cabins and Galley affect a breeze when needed. 

Forward Double Cabin:
 Comprising of Centreline double berth. Hanging locker, shelf and stowage beneath the berth and access to the fore-deck via fore-hatch,

Twin Cabin: To starboard (bunk) with upper and lower berths. The stowage beneath the lower berth has a hanging locker and vanity unit with a drawer.

Foreward Heads:  To port fitted with a PAR Quiet flush electric toilet, washbasin and shower. Mirror, Lockers

Saloon:    L-shaped settee and table to starboard, and seating to port. A fold-over leaf table forms a large dining table when opened or an occasional table in its closed position. A stainless steel book rack in the starboard hull port recess. Locker for bottles, glasses and crockery. Bosch washer/dryer fitted in saloon table pedestal (service 2019) 

The Galley, situated transport, has ample storage. Access to the engine compartment. Oilskin hanging locker
Sinks: Twin stainless
Cooker: Force 10 gimballed stainless steel 4-burner gas cooker with grill and oven.
Microwave: Panasonic Combi oven and grill, new in 2013
Refrigerator: Front-opening stainless steel.
Navigation: To starboard with a forward-facing chart table. Bookrack and drawer. Access to engine room inboard

Owner’s Stateroom:

A large aft cabin with a double berth, slightly offset to port, with a custom high-quality composite foam mattress. Settee and dressing table/desk to starboard. Large hanging locker, plus several other lockers and drawers. En-Suite Heads To starboard with PAR Quiet Flush electric toilet, washbasin, and separate shower stall. Mirror. Lockers.


Hull number:     Oyster 54/01

Hull construction: Hull ‘custom’ laminates comprise a combination of E Glass, Kevlar and CarbonFibre, which offers significant weight savings, strength and stiffness advantages over normal GRP incorporated with balsa core above the waterline for additional strength, stiffness and insulation. Solid laminate below the waterline reinforced with stringers and floors.

Hull finish: Hull painted in Awlgrip Flag Blue with gold cove line and white double boot top lines 

Deck Construction: Moulded in GRP with Balsa Core. The deck finished is finished in teak. She has a self-draining teak-laid cockpit floor, with GRP low profile ‘roll edge’ bulwark.

Keel:  High performance (HPB) with external lead keel bulb

Rudder: Protected skeg-hung rudder

Stern design:  The stern design incorporates a bathing platform trimmed with teak slats and two tteak-filledstainless steel steps to access the stern deck and hot & cold shower.

EURCD  Built to comply with the latest requirements for Category A- Ocean

Engine: Yanmar 4JH4-HTBE 110Hp (81kW) four-cylinder turbo diesel

Propeller:     Gori 3-blade folding type.

Rope Cutter:  Ambassador 

Alternators:   80A 150Ah 150A/24V Mastervolt heavy duty

Generator:    Onan MDKAV 7 Kw 220v 50hZ

Bowthruster:  MaxPower CT 165 24V tunnel bow thruster, including eyebrow on the hull.

Air Conditioning:  220V Cruisair reverses cycle system (cold and hot), comprising 116,000 BTU units. 3 x air conditioning units: owner’s stateroom, saloon, and fore & side cabin Fully Serviced 2018

Watermaker:  Seafresh 204A 220VAC providing 72 litres/hour


Ships Supply:  24V

Remain:     220V 50Hz A.C. ring main with 5 x double, 3-pin Clipsal sockets located as appropriate within the layout  

Other Electrical Sockets:
12V Cigar lighter type socket at chart table

Batteries:     Domestic: 8 x 6V heavy-duty ‘deep-cycle batteries giving 440Ah, new in 2018.
 Engine start: 2 x 75A / 12V giving 150Ah, new in 2019
1 x generator starting, new in 2019

Battery Management
 Mastervolt 220V MASS 24V / 75A charger
Mastervolt Masterlink MICC – battery meter and remote panel
 Mastervolt Alpha Pro regulator
 Emergency Link

Inverter:     220V MASS sine inverter 24/2500

Shorepower:  30A 18m (60′) dockside power cable. Hubbell socket in the transom.
Second 30A shore power lead + 20m extension and socket for air conditioner

Interior Lighting:
 All interior lights from Calibra
PPre-bit-downlight LED chrome-over over reading areas, switchable and dimmable between red & white.
Reading I am reading or each berth.
LED lights under bunks and perimeter of owner’s bed, new in 2018
The LED light in companionway steps, new in 2013
 Automatic door lights to drinks locker and refrigerator
 Flexible chart table lamp switch red/ white LED
LED red/white to galley and chart table

Exterior Lighting:
 2 x LED boom lights over cockpit table, new in 2013
LED Up-lighters on upper and lower spreaders, plus down-lighter on lower spreaders only ( NEW 2019)
Aqua Signal LED navigation lights and steaming light, new in 2013
Aqua Signal deck light
Hella NaviLED Trio tri-colour with anchor light, new in 2017


Fuel:  850 litres approximately ( 187 imp/224 US gallons) in GRP tank

Water: 750 litres approximately ( 165 imp/198 US gallons) in GRP tank

Hot Water:  From an insulated tank of approximately 73 litres ( 16 imp/19 U.S. gallons) heated by the engine’s heat exchange or by thermostatically controlled 220V, 1.25kW immersion heater elements powered by the generator or dockside power.

Pressurised Hot & Cold Water Freshwater System
 Aqua Filter water purifying charcoal filter on galley cold supply.

Holding Tanks: Polypropylene gravity discharge holding tanks x 2, with Wema gauges.


Mast & Rigg Rig-slooploop

 Selden Furling mast, white painted with electric drive to in-mast furling
 Selden solid rod kicker/vang
Hydraulic Holmatro integral backstay adjusted
Folding mast steps x 2 close to the masthead
‘No Strike’ ion dissipators x 2 at the masthead
Inner forestay chainplate and mast fitting fitted for the storm jib.
Standing rigging 1 x 19mm stainless steel Dyform wire
Mast was removed and fully serviced in 2015

Mainsail Furling: Selden

Headsail Furling: Selden Furlex manual headsail furling system

Winches:       Lewmar – self-tailing;

              2 x #65 CEST electric 2-speed primaries

              1 x #46 CST mainsail reefing on mast

              1 x #48 CEST electric mainsheet

              2 x #50 2-speed main and genoa halyard on mast

              2 x #16 CST mainsheet traveller

Spinnaker Gear: 
 Spinnaker pole and rigging attached to the mast. Package includes chainplates, deck fittings, halyard, topping lift, pole lift, single sheet, buy fore guy and all required blocks.

Sails:         By  North Sails

             Mainsail in Dyneema, new in 2014 (hardly used)

             Genoa in Dyneema, new in 2014 (hardly used)

             Fully cleaned by North Sails in 2019, new sails in production to be added by Dolphin Sails

             MPS Cruising Chute with a squeezer



Compasses: S.I. R.S. Major 150mm steering compass

Sailing Instruments:

           Raymarine ST60+, including Speed, Depth, Log and Analogue Wind Speed/Direction

Radar/     Raymarine E120 system at chart table with 4kW radar

Chart Plotter/GPS

           Raymarine E80 repeater mounted in Navpod at the forward end of the cockpit.

Autopilot:   Raymarine ST6002

Windex:    Windex and wind vane at masthead

Navtex:    Furuno NX 300 at chart table, linked to PC

VHF Radio:  Raymarine 240E D-DSC VHF, and additional VHF and speaker at the pedestal, new 2013

SSB Radio:  Icom

Satellite Phone:

           Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone, the latest model (serviced 2019 by Iridium) with a docking station and all accessories for a transatlantic passage

           P.C.:        ASA notebook on the cradle in chart table with separate wireless keyboard and mouse. Router to enable fWi-FiWi-F. A fully integrated, marine-grade antenna with a Wi-Fi booster and n integrated USB cable will fit into Yacht. 


Sound System: 

            J.L. Audio, including new speakers in the saloon and cockpit. Fusion CD/DVD/ iPad system, with an upgraded amplifier, 150 Watts per channel for cockpit speakers

Television:   Sony 17″ new in 2019, slides away into the cupboard above the freezer. Status 330 antennae with 12V amplifier for digital T.V. & F.M. radio

Deck Layout and Equipment:

Anchor:     CQR 34Kg main anchor with 100m 12mm chain + 30m warp. Fortress lightweight folding ketch anchor with 10m chain and 50m warp.

Windlass:   Lewmar V4 electric anchor windlass – capstan on deck.Remote-controlled anchor windlass control

Deck Access: Mainship gateway stanchions. Gate to pushpit. Stainless steel folding transom-hung bathing ladder. Socket in top transom rung for passerelle. 

Hatches  Oyster custom drop-down washboard system.Lewmar ally-framed deck hatches. Gebo alloy-framed coaming portlights. Gebo opening hull ports x 8. Lewmar portlight from the cockpit to the Galley.

Please tell us if you are considering selling a Motor Boat or Yacht. We work on a no-sale no, fee basis. So if we do not sell your boat, you decide you will not pay us anything. We are proud of the Testimonials page; they have genuine comments from boat buyers and sellers. Our Yacht Broker commission charges are the lowest in Spain because we are part of a large group of Profesional Brokers. We buy our marketing in bulk and get great deals on the website marketing space that we can pass on to you (the seller) through reduced commission charges. Visit our boats for sale page; we have Boats for sale in all price ranges.

Lagoon Catamaran Yacht For Sale Spain Yachts Sold

Lagoon 500 Catamaran Sold

Lagoon Catamaran Yacht For Sale secure on pontoon Lagoon 500 CatamaranWe have a beautiful Lagoon 500 Catamaran Yacht for sale based in the Canary Islands, Spain. She has only had two owners from New and has been used for charter during the last year and a half. Before being coded for charter, the boat was used privately.

A Lagoon 500 Catamaran combines a great aesthetics look with legendary performance offering a level of comfort only found in much larger boats.

This particular Lagoon Catamaran is fully equipped for ocean cruising. Manoeuvrability is effortless; from the Flybridge, there is good visibility, and the two 80-hp Yanmar engines provide good power. The engines were replaced in 2017 and have been done at the time of recording 1500 hours. The sails, the lazy bag, and the bow net have recently been renewed. The owner says this boat is in excellent condition and ready to be used. She is kept in excellent order and used only for local charter in the Canary Islands. Viewings are available through Network Yacht Brokers.

Two Yanmar engines were replaced in 2016 at 1500 hrs.
Fuel Con. (GPH) 1 mph
Range 200
Fix Propeller
Sea Water Cooling System
2x500L Fuel Tanks
The engines are far from the living areas and perfectly insulated to be as quiet as possible.

General Equipment

Electric marble watermaker
Electrically motorized winches
Bimini awning on the flybridge
Gas Detector
Boarding Ladder
2 manual and 4 electric bilge pumps
6 fenders
Navigation Lights


220v port power input
220 V and 8,800 W generator KOHLER 739,43 hrs.
Mastervolt Inverter 12V to 220V 5,000W
Two Mastervolt battery chargers of 80 A each
Eight Batteries 12v 1350 the amo year 2016
Engine Alternator

Raymarine Electronics

GPS E120 Interfaced
Autopilot interfaced
Audio equipment
Battery control unit
Echo Sounder Raymarine
Wind Instrument Interfaced
Plotter Raymarine c120
Epirb McMurdo
Log Raymarine

Deck equipment:

Anchor windlass and 75 m chain of 14mm
Rope 10 meters 32 mm

Safety Equipment

Life raft
12 Life Jackets
11 Fire Extinguishers


It has a main (2020) and Genoa (2011)
Lazy bag renewed in 2019
Two Genoa Harken winches Self-tailing


Spanish flag with taxes paid
Currently on the 6th list
Ready for commercial use


State of exceptional conservation
Replacement of two Yanmar 80 hp engines year 2016
Renovation of upholstered mattresses year 2016

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Flybridge Motor Yacht Sundance Port Ginesta Yachts Sold

Doqueve Motor Boat Sold

Fun in the sun

Doqueve Motor Boat. We have a lovely Family cruising motor yacht for sale with excellent accommodation if you are looking Evening flybridge motor yacht Doqueve Motor Boat for a place in the sun. Great for weekends out in the bay or exploring the coast. Made by Doqueve, a respected Spanish boat builder, the yacht has been in Spain since purchased new. All the papers are correct, with VAT documents as required. The current owner bought the yacht in December 2019 and has gone out sailing only once since then. She has been used as an apartment in the Mediterainina for the rest of the time. The engine was last serviced in October 2019—antifouling and hull check in May 2021. The owner is selling because he wants to buy a bigger boat. Available for viewings in Port Ginesta.

Follow the link to the boat specification Motor Boat for sale.

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Deisel bug filter Boats Information

What is the Diesel Bug and How Can You…

Microbial contamination of diesel by Rob Woodward 

Diesel bugs are the most significant cause of a diesel engine breakdown. Sure, It’s not the only cause of your engine stopping, but it’s right up there with things you don’t want to happen and can be easily avoided.
You’re very unlikely to suffer this fuel problem in your diesel car or truck because the fuel in your car passes through the system relatively quickly. Diesel bug is often found in boats’ fuel tanks with low fuel flow (not used daily).

My Background

I started sailing in 1992, and my hobby quickly became an obsession. In 1996, I moved to the coast and opened a marine engineering business in North Wales, UK. Before that, I owned a motor repair shop, having served an apprenticeship as a Deisel Mechanic looking after a fleet of trucks.
I owned several yachts over the years. I always modified the fuel system on my boats to avoid getting caught by the Deisel bug problem.

So what’s the long-term fix?

Some boat owners use a Deisel bug treatment, and I recommend adding this to your boat fuel tank as a precaution when buying a used boat or yacht. Plenty of good products exist on the Deisel bug filtermarket; it takes little research to find a good one. Diesel bug treatment is not a long-term fix, so you must know if the problem reoccurs. My suggestion will warn you about diesel bug infection and save you the inconvenience of sampling fuel during your daily engine checks for water contamination, the other major cause of boating breakdowns.

The solution is to fit a Glass Bowl Water Trap in the fuel line. It is a necessary upgrade; I wish it were an optional extra from new on all diesel-powered boats.

Once upon a time, It was common practice to fit a Glass Bowel Water Trap in engine compartments. Regulations have stopped manufacturers from doing this. My understanding is they are considered this practice to be a fire hazard. The jury is still out on that rule, especially now that modern water traps have become more fireproof. To remain legal, If you want to upgrade your boat or yacht, the water trap must be outside the engine space unless someone can tell me otherwise.
A decent engineer will find a safe place for the modification that’s legal and accessible. Probably good practice to keep the existing water trap and pre-filter system that will be most likely be housed in the engine compartment.

Canister water traps

canister water trapIf you are happy to sample a small amount of fuel from a canister-type filter, that’s your choice, but remember, every time you open the fuel system to drain down a sample, you will potentially allow air into the fuel system (and that’s not good).  The other big no-no about taking a sample is Diesel stinks; it’s like fixing your bike in your home’s kitchen. To see half a litre of fuel without disturbing it or contaminating the results within a glass bowl is so simple. This is the fastest way to ensure you have no worries about the fuel supply on your boat. A glass bowl water trap can also be the first item to look at if your engine starts to stutter. If you get water in the fuel, it will show up in seconds.

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Yacht Brokers Yacht Brokers

Yacht Broker Job

My experience (Rob Woodward)

Become a Yacht Broker. It all started for me over thirty years ago, launching my 21-foot Coribee Yacht called “Banana Split” for the first time, messing about and then being horrified during recovery. It fell off the trailer! Shortly after this low point, my hobby became an obsession and a profession.

Join us to become a Yacht Broker.

I got my second Yacht, “Kuan Yin”, a 36-foot sailing ketch. Owning a bigger boat than a daysailer, I felt the scale of responsibility shift from forgivable and expected to the stuff of nightmares. Mistakes were going to be expensive! I realised quickly I needed help and knowledge. So, I set about getting every boating qualification I could. Circumstances fell into place (as once in a lifetime they do for a lucky few). I was allowed almost unrestricted access to my daily drug of boats and boating. I was finally selling everything to buy a Yacht Broker’s business. This was only the start of my Yacht Brokers’ life.

Five years of experience around boats is enough.

Lots of trades have an established path that delivers the ultimate goal. The Marine industry does not offer a set path to becoming a Yacht Broker. However, five years of working around boats and then learning to become a Yacht Broker is a standard route.

The most obvious candidates to slip into a job as a Yacht Broker will be ex-charter skippers or Super-yacht crews. Besides, understanding boats, skippers and crew will have mixed with people who bought a boat or might be considering buying one. Nothing strange about people who buy boats and yachts, but they are more likely to be engaged in an exciting conversation with a Broker who has boating experience. If you are a boat owner with sales experience, transferring your skills to become a yacht broker is easy, just so long as an established Brokerage supports you while you learn the trade.

Happy customers

Boat buyers don’t need to share all the circumstances of how they became lucky to afford such a luxury as a boat or yacht. Therefore, a Yacht Broker does not need to sell the idea of buying a boat to a client.

Boats for sale in Barcelona

A broker’s primary job involves sitting between two parties, getting to a deal and ensuring fair play between buyer and seller to the best of his ability. It’s the seller that pays the Brokers fee. However, the Broker is very aware when the old owner has gone; the Broker is left supporting the buyer.

Our testimonials page

Selling in a more traditional sense occurs when a new boat is sold (the subject of a future blog). It is indeed subtly different from a Yacht broker’s job.

Working for yourself as a Broker

Generally, unless you are part of a more prominent organisation that supports you through tough times, Simply starting as an independent  Broker will not work. Building up a portfolio of boats that will sustain your overheads is almost impossible. If you can fund three to four years in a Great location, you might be able to build a Yacht Brokerage business. In my opinion, anyone selling a franchise operation where you don’t own a stake in that business will always be the winner, and you will be nothing more than a tool that helps the franchise grow.

Sell your boat with us.

Joining a Cooperative offers the benefits of a large organisation. All the rewards of your hard work as an individual business stay with you. Helping us all to build the brand has significant advantages in the future. Existing Network Yacht Brokers businesses have been sold to new owners wanting to enter the industry. The right to sell an existing licence to operate as a Network Yacht Broker is a fundamental principle of the Group. We also allow some selected partner companies to grow a brokerage using the Group brand as part of their business, provided they follow basic brand guidelines.

How I Became a Yacht Broker, follow this link to a video. 

Is it a young man’s game? Become a Yacht Broker

Of all the mistakes I made, becoming a Yacht Broker was not one of them. As a mature person, I have life skills that I can pass on to the next generation. My customers tend to be similar to me, although I notice they are getting younger, which is odd. When I started as a Broker, my clients were much older than me. Anyway, I will work that one out when I retire… haha.

The point is you can become a Yacht Broker at any age. Essential qualifications are a passion for boats and a love of people. Honesty will sustain your career. Getting that first break is tough. My advice is, “Never Give Up”! I have trained plenty of young Brokers, who became my friends.

February 2021, if you want info about Jobs in our Group, please get in touch with us. I note that several companies are currently advertising a Yacht Broker Job. Perhaps you are thinking of setting up a business as a Yacht Broker? Talk to me; many opportunities exist in Medditerrainain if you fancy setting up your own company.

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